Apr 8, 2019
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5 Best Places for Women to Get Tattooed This Summer

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If you are an independent woman and you like to get tattooed this summer? I must say this blog is just for you.

In these days, both men and women are doing tattoos, and they are falling for it. As doing the tattoo is a permanent approach, you must be very careful when you choose the tattoo spot, the design and the color of the tattoo. Even, selecting the professional and experienced tattoo artist is a must. For women, not all the spots in the body are best for doing the tattoo. If you are not sensitive to pain, you can choose any spot like arms, legs, belly portion or the back to do the tattoo. But, if you are sensitive to pain, it is better to avoid the painful areas like the wrist, palm, inner arm, lower limbs etc.

Read the Blog Below To Know About the Best Places for Women to Get Tattooed-


If you can able to bear the slight pain of the tattoo, the inner wrist is the best choice for you. You can choose the small quote tattoo or a symbol or any letter to be done on the inner wrist. Even, you can hide the tattoo whenever you want with your dress, bangles or the watch. The girly tattoos look great on this particular region. However, if you are doing the inner wrist tattoo Patong beach Phuket or other locations, you must consult with the artist first about the prices and the design.


The region just behind the ear is just perfect for the girly tattoos. If you love the design like the birds, or the anchor or the flower, you can opt for this spot. Doing a tattoo on this spot is cool and trendy nowadays. You can flaunt your tattoo by doing the up do. If you want to hide it, you can keep your hair loose. As this spot has fewer nerve endings, you will also get less pain to do the tattoo here.


This spot is beautiful for women tattoos. If you like to wear backless tops or off-shoulder tops, you can flaunt your back shoulder tattoos. It is one of the least painful areas of doing the tattoo as it has more muscles. You can do colorful Mandala tattoos or the black and white Japanese dragon tattoos on this spot.


The nape of the neck is another great spot to have tattoos. Though, it is a great spot for doing the tattoo it quite difficult to maintain without the help of anyone. You can do the quote tattoo or the portrait tattoo here. You can also go for single alphabets too.


The collar bone is one of the best places for women to do tattoos. Even collar bone is considered as the beauty bone. Though doing the tattoo on this spot is a little bit painful, you can flaunt your tattoo attractively here on this spot.

These are some of the best spots for women to do the tattoo. If you want to do a tattoo, you should first ask the prices. For instance, tattoo prices in Phuket are reasonable as compared to the other locations.

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