Jun 26, 2019
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5 Science-Backed Hacks To Wake Up Happier

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The urge to not wake up and relax further is a feeling that almost everyone has gone through. Sleeping in your USA flag onesies and making sure you are in your utmost comfort does feel great but the time when you have to wake up can become very taxing. Sometimes you ruin your mood to the point that you do not feel any hints of happiness throughout the day.

The main reason for this is the idea of waking up unhappy. If you wake up in a happy and content mood, you would not have to feel lethargic or low. Science has proved some ways that can be followed to wake up happier.

1. Give yourself Attention:

If you are someone who has been given the authority to wake everyone up at home on time then it can be always stressful for you. Center yourself and first pay attention to your ease. Do not take extra stress in waking up others as it could just ruin your day and make you unhappy. It might not look like it but it is true that it gives one a whole lot of stress. But, you can avoid it if you do not panic while waking up.

2. Never Set an Alarm:

While alarms play a crucial role in helping you wake up on time but if you wake up abruptly, you could end up with a stressful mood and a racy heartbeat throughout the day. It is considered effective but not at the cost of your happiness. If you think an alarm is very essential for you, you can replace an alarm clock with a light and dreamy song.

3. Forget the Habit of Using Your Phone:

Social media has proven to be an addiction to many. To those who have the habit of checking their phones when they wake up should know that it is very wrong. You can catch up with your social friends or check your messages after you have woken up completely. You might just read something unpleasant and ruin the time for yourself.

4. Start your Day With Exercise:

If you think jogging or running in a park is not meant for you or if it consumes a lot of your time, you can choose better alternatives to it. Such as you can just wake up and exercise a bit in your room. Learn a few steps of yoga and follow them after you have woken up completely. You also have the option to meditate to relax your mind more.

5. Always Have a Positive Attitude:

Being grateful for everything around you is very necessary to start off with a positive day. Whenever you think of it, just do not forget to show gratitude to the life that you have. Acquire a positive attitude and think that some people out there might not even have the luxuries and peace that you have in your life. If you make this mindset a part of your life, the factors of stress will slowly sweep away.

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