Sep 15, 2018
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5G- The Future of Tomorow

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Everyone is Curious about 5G phones these days. In every mind there is a same question, when 5G  phones will arrive in Indian market. Lets have a look what is 5G and scope of 5G phones in India

What is 5G ?

5G technology is a 5th generation mobile communication technology which will be much faster than 4G and more advance and capable in terms of speed,data communication and automation
This will completely transform the way of communication and would lead to evolution of new smart technology era. Data rates would be faster, Connectivity would be swift and this will lead to an era of automation.

5G Phones in India p

  • In India there is not a single 5G phone has been launched, however in U.S Motorola has launched its first 5G ready ready phone named as Moto Z3 which is available through Verizon Carrier. At this moment 5G network is not available in world but seems that 2019 is going to get connected with fastest connectivity through 5G. One Plus 7 is also working with ATT to bring its first 5G equipped phone, where Samsung is all set to launch its Samsung Galaxy S10 which could be the first 5G Phone in India Below is the list of  upcoming 5G phonesa- One Plus 7
    b-Oppo F9
    c-Samsung Galaxy S10
    d- Moto z3
    f-Redmi Note 7 pro
  • Speculations are that 5G phones prototypes are already ready and the 5G phones will in launched in India by second quarter of 2019. These are the future  5G phones in India
  • U.S would be the first nation to welcome the 5G network, and 5G phones but very soon in India people will be enjoying the new era of 5G. As per reports Reliance India is already working to bring first 5G gio phone in India by April 2019

Why 5G ?

With time technology is advancing and  more data on cloud is accumulating. To access this data in much fast paced manner improvements in network and speed enhancement are very important for the flow of data smoothly. This improvement will come with name as 5G .



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