Jun 18, 2019
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6 Tips to Avoid Electrical Hazards and Make the House Safe

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Electrical hazards are lethal so it is important to be cautious. Electricity is a common luxury that is used extensively on a daily basis and people take it for granted, forgetting the dangers it can bring if handled with negligence. Nowadays homes are full of electrical appliances. Electric shocks and fires are a common hazard and it is essential that proper preventive measures are taken so that the safety of the house and the occupants is assured. Paying electrical safety certificate cost Londonis an effective way of identifying the dangers and fixing them.

Here are a few safety tips that will make sure that the house is safe from electrical hazards.

Always Unplug Appliances After Use:

There are a lot of electrical appliances present in a house and most of them are an essential part of everyday life. After using an appliance make sure that you unplug it. Switching off the appliance is not enough because it can get switched on accidentally or get damaged in an electrical surge. Unplugging the appliances is essential for keeping them safe and lowering electrical bills

Avoid Electrical Hazards by Proper Use of Sockets and Cords:

Overloading the electrical cords and circuits can lead to electrocution and electrical fires. Never make the mistake of plugging more than one heavy electrical appliance in one power outlet. It will put too much burden on the socket and it will heat and eventually, the wires will burn.

The extension cords are not designed for permanent use and you should avoid plugging more than one heavy appliance in one extension cord. Apart from electrical hazards, the extension cords can also become a tripping hazard. Make sure that are not in the way so you can avoid serious accidents.

The Home Earthing:

The large electrical appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioning, dryers, washing machines, etc. should have a three-pin plug. The third pin makes sure that the appliances are earthed. It is effective in preventing electrocution and keeps the appliances running properly.

Never Cover Hot Appliance:

The electrical appliances that produce a considerable amount of heat should be handled properly. If you are not careful with them you will be inviting electrical hazards to the house. Never cover appliances like iron, hair straightening or curling rods, heaters, etc. with anything. Covering them can overheat the appliances or start a fire. They shod be put on places where there is proper ventilation so that they can cool down after use without doing any damage.

Never Ignore A Spark:

There are always red flags that will warn you of the presence of electrical hazards. Sparks are a clear indication that there is something wrong with the electrical system. If you spot a spark when you plug in an appliance and switch it on you need to stop using the outlet and call an electrician. Make sure that the outlet is fixed before you use it again.

Always Hire A Professional for Major Repairs:

Handling electrical repairs without proper knowledge and expertise can increase electrical hazards rather than fixing them. Make sure that you call an electrician to fix the problem as they are trained and have the right tools to do the repairs.


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