Mar 5, 2019
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6 Trusted Ways to Earn Money in 2019

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Earning money has always been associated with traditional offline ways. With the Internet having a huge impact on our lives, more and more people have started seeking money making ideas to boost the financial inflow. As this technological era has introduced us with so many money making ways from the comfort of your place, why not explore them.

Curious to know, what are they? Here is the list:

Start your own video channel

The combination of information as well as experience is a deadly one that is rare to find. One of the most reliable ways is to start your own video channel. Showcase your talent or share your experience with the audience. What you earn, completely depends on your views as well as your subscribers. The more people get attracted, the bigger paychecks you will receive.

Explore the capital market

Today, investing and making money is only one click away and you can do so while resting on your couch. Research about the company and start trading. But you have to be very careful as chances are there that you may also loose. So, it is very important to expertise and study the market before you move any further.

Play interesting games

Are you someone who loves playing online games? If so, you can make money as you play. Yes, that is true. There are a few reliable money making games that helps you win real cash rewards. One such game is Wealth Words. In this online crossword game you can win upto $3000 if you solve the puzzle with the correct answers. There a many online games, it all depends on your winning and likings.

Become a reviewer

Do you like watching movies or giving advice about something? Now, this may help you in earning extra money. Certain companies pay you for reviewing games, movies, songs and more. Make money in your leisure times, especially on weekends when you usually sit idle thinking how to spend our time.

Sell your services

Every individual in this world has atleast one talent that maybe inborn or developed over years like graphic designing, singing, dancing, drawing and more. If you feel you are pretty good in what you do, there are a lot of people who may like you and want to avail your services. Selling your seervices is the best way because you are doing what you love the most.

If you are open to sell your services, let others feel it is useful and you will be on your way to earn money. Put it up on social media and group chat. Yes, these ideas take a little while to start working but you got to be patient. However, the sooner you start, the better it is.

Find errors

This is something almost everyone loves to do, isn’t it? Finding faults in someone or something, did you ever think you could earn money by doing so? Yes. You can earn upto $1000 to $10000 by finding bugs in websites like Google, Facebook or others. Also, you can earn money by testing games and finding errors in them, before they go live.

Final thoughts

Making more money is a path to improve your financial picture. There are a lot of other ways also to earn money but the list is useless until you don’t take any action. Go ahead, take the first step and you will see the light ahead.


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Carol Lee is the Digital Marketing Manager for Wealth Words which is "Play & Win Online Crossword Game". The game is available in three different languages, Chinese, Hindi & English, and is story-based, poem based and crossword puzzle game.

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