Mar 5, 2019
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6 Unique Ways to Earn Money without Spending Any

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You are not into any financial crunch but are still looking for alternative and easy ways to earn money. Well, you have landed at the right article. Here are few ways to get started rightaway!

1. Deliver with postmasters

Postmates say: ”Anything, anytime, anywhere. We get it.”

When you become the driver for postmates, you will be paid to deliver things like grocery, alcohol and more. It is free and the best part is, there are no time commitments. So you have the absolute freedom. Take home 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery and you will see the breakdown of your commissions that are being calculated side by side.

How to get started?

Create a new account: Fill the basic requirements, provide a profile photo and also the identity proof.

Welcome kit: After the verification procedure, you will get a delivery bag and a prepaid card in the mail.

Get the app and go online: Link the card you’ve received to the Fleet app, go online and accept the delivery offers for which you are being paid.

A lot of things will be affecting your exact pay. Postmates has experienced couriers who can earn $25 per hour.


2. Play games for cash with Wealth Words

Wealth Words allows you to win cash rewards via PayPal. Solve online crossword game and earn real money. Yes, it is seriously true.

Play the game either by signing up or as a guest user. The game has many different cash rewards, choose any you feel confident about.

3. Download the Nielsen App

Heard of the name before? Well, this company tracks TV rating. They are also into internet usage researchers.

How would you earn?

Nielsen will pay $50 annually to keep the app on your browsing device. The app collects stats on its own regarding internet usage. So, be stressfree regarding the link-up of any type of data. The best part is, the app hardly takes up any space and doesn’t slow down the working of your smartphone.

4. Drive with Uber/Lyft

If you want to earn some extra cash on weekends, you can drive for uber, whenever you want to. This helps in making fast money.

5. Getaround

Let someone else borrow your car and you can make $5+ every hour. Getaround also gives $1 million primary insurance coverage so that you don’t have to worry about possible damages. Signing up is quite easy.  Name your car, set location, availability status and add a description.

When someone wants to rent your car, that person will look for the availability in the app.

If you can’t spare time to drive Uber, then Getaround is the best as it helps you make money with your car. Many have managed to turn this side gig into $1000s of dollars every year in extra income. You don’t have to worry about meetings, handling keys or analyzing logistics. You can be stress-free as you work, sleep and live your life while your car earns money for you.

6. Deliver food via Uber Eats

Many have started delivering food via Uber Eats. The major reason for its popularity is the flexibility and the easy way to earn money as per your own schedule. You can deliver things in day or night as per your willingness. Simply download the app, sign in and you will start receiving delivery request near your area.

The aforementioned are the best money making ways that will help you live a more happy life. The list provides even more opportunities than you could ever imagine.












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Carol Lee is the Digital Marketing Manager for Wealth Words which is "Play & Win Online Crossword Game". The game is available in three different languages, Chinese, Hindi & English, and is story-based, poem based and crossword puzzle game.

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