Oct 16, 2018
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A helpful guide to buying CPE Plastic Bags

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CPE plastic bags are used to carry electronic parts and mobiles. Since their inception, these bags have become immensely popular due to their practicality and use. This article below guides on buying the correct CPE bag according to your requirement and will also brief you on wholesale CPE plastic bag companies in India.


Chlorinated Polyethylene bags or CPE plastic bags changed the way mobile parts and electronics where shipped and sent from one place to another in India. In the absence of these bags, many important and costly parts got lost, damaged or corrupted. CPE plastic bags were specially created to handle the problem of electronics transportation. These bags are cost-efficient and efficient to carry delicate mobile and electronic parts. These bags protected the mobile parts and screens from scratch and damage. Wholesale CPE Plastic bags can be obtained online in India at low rates as you can buy in bulk quantity.

Colored CPE Plastic Packaging Bag

Colored CPE Plastic Packaging Bags were very useful as these helped in sorting out different parts and keeping them separately from one another. Available in different colors, colored CPE plastic packaging bags made packaging easier as you can sort out similar pieces in similar colors thereby avoiding confusion. You can purchase wholesale CPE plastic bags from packaging companies at reasonable rates.


CPE bags are made with a soft material on the inner side. This soft material acts as a cushion and absorbs any shock if the packet falls down thereby protecting the machine parts or mobile parts from getting damaged. CPE bags are also tamper proof bags and they prevent the parcels from being tampered during shipping. The components can be very costly thereby involving a risk factor of being stolen. With these tamper proof wholesale CPE plastic bags, the risk of any item being tampered is avoided forever.

Key features

  • These bags are soft and semi-transparent allowing partial visibility and safety.
  • There is a standard size made of 50 micron thickness which makes them degradable and environment friendly. However, if the client requirement is different from the standard size, then it can be made.
  • The bags are strong in nature and tear-resistant which makes them sturdy enough to carry heavy electronic components.
  • One can get their company logo or name printed on the bags.

Colored CPE plastic packaging bags enable one to pack similar pieces in one type of color thereby avoiding confusion. As these bags are tamper proof, you cannot open them once they are sealed to check the contents inside. With different colors, you can be assured of the components.

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