Apr 24, 2019
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Amethyst a healing stone

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Life is fun yet stressful! Everyday living is a challenging one. We have to set a plan and other things to consider on your to-do list. Sometimes we have to split our energy in between our work and also deal with different responsibilities of our lives. But remember we are not superhuman, but we wanted to finish our daily duties with a stress-free at the end of the day! Who wouldn’t love that? Everyday is full of stress, but I wanted to remind you we can do something about it.

I am now introducing you the best way to have a stress free life.

We need a busting-healing crystal called Amethyst. This crystal has a purple variety of mineral quartz.

Amethyst Origin and Healing Properties

Amethyst is a purple crystal derived from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not intoxicated.” It has been considered that it is one of the best antidote that guard against drunkenness. Aside from the beliefs, it is also considered today that it has a beneficial effect on our body that once a person wears it, then he could slowly start a feeling of calm and give him a source of energy that boost someone energy and help alleviate depression or anxiety. This also promotes a positive kind of energy that clears your mind and get rid of negativity.

When it comes to our emotional feelings one great way to cope up our anxiety is to discover things that allow our mind, body, and spirit to connect to the elements of nature. Staying connected to elements that surround us provides someone a greater impact on our daily living in a positive healthy way.

Try to imagine yourself in a crowded market place, where all you can see a different kind of people with so much noise that you receive even if you wanted to avoid it. Imagine how stressful it is. Now, imagine yourself, you are walking in the middle of the garden where you can see green leaves that dancing without music, but you can feel it because of the breeze that touches your skin. You can close your eyes, imagine the rhythm, and you could feel a sense of connection to the earth. Amethyst gives you that kind of connection that our body needs. Today, many people insisted on the benefits you can get by wearing this powerful healing crystal. We are living in a stressful life but we can control that kind of feeling with the use of this stone as a healer.

Staying positive drives you to a happy life. Indulge yourself in a positive setting gives you a positive insight into what we called acceptance and maturity.

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