Mar 20, 2019
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Backup Office 365 mailbox and move data to Outlook PST

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Backups are the only hope to restore files when there is database corruption or deletion of files. Office 365 is the largest platform used for MS office applications and saves the data in user mailboxes. To protect this data from any damage it is good to create backup. One free method of creating Office 365 backup is using Outlook application. But before beginning, make sure that your Office 365 mailbox are configured with MS Outlook account

Backup Office 365 Mailbox

  • Open Outlook, go to File and click on the Open/ Import
  • A new window will open and select the option ‘Export to a File’
  • In next window click on ‘Outlook Data File (PST)’ and then next
  • Now select the files and mailbox you want to backup
  • You can select the specific files or the entire Mailbox
  • Once selected click on next and select the location to save all this data
  • Create a new folder or save in an existing folder on local drive on the computer
  • Now the mailbox data will be moved to PST file.
  • Once the operation is successful you will receive a message in dialog box

In this way, you, not only back up the data but also convert the Office 365 files into Outlook PST format. Thus your Office 365 files get back up and as well as convert in PST format. There is another method of manually taking backup of Office 365 files using ediscovery manager. Here a job is created for file backup which creates a unique key. This key is then pasted in the ediscovery manager tool to begin the upload operation. Files in the Office 365 mailboxes are then moved to PST file. Users can import this PST file and use in Outlook account.But this method is complex and require extra permissions. So, you can try the MS Outlook method and restore PST files to Office 365 or use Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool.

This tool has several advantages like

  • Move multiple Office 365 mailbox to multiple PST File
  • Export Office 365 shared mailbox, archive mailbox to PST format
  • It also works with Exchange Server and can be used on hosted and on-premises servers.
  • Select the files and documents from mailbox to move to PST file
  • Restore files from the PST to Office 365 too at times of recovery.

So, the Office 365 to PST tool serves both as a backup software and converter. Try the Office to PST migration tool and use the files in Outlook PST.


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