Aug 7, 2018
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Benefits and types of Structural Precast Detailing Services

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The precast concrete is the concept of producing the casting type concrete by using the reusable mold and transported to the precast construction sites then lift to its place. The precast concrete products are manufactured by the fine aggregate mixture by producing the final products of readymade precast compound wall designs.

What is Structural Precast Detailing?

The precast panel is one of the major building construction elements especially for the commercial building construction purpose. the majority of structural components are produced by the concept of structural precast detailing process.

The structural precast detailing service is directly allowing to interact with the building info models. The structural precast detailing is used to provide accurate fine edge and accurate connection to make sure the everything has fits in the construction buildings.

Types of Structural Precast Detailing

Normally the structural precast detailing services works based on the load bearing structural methods like as frame systems, large panel systems, sub-column systems with walls and mixed manufacturing systems by producing the below mentioning concrete detailing.

  1. Precast Wall Panels Detailing
  2. Precast Concrete Column Detailing
  3. Precast Concrete Detailing
  4. Precast Concrete Beam Detailing
  5. Precast Concrete Slab Detailing
  6. Precast Concrete Cladding Panels Detailing
  7. Precast Shop Drawings
  8. Precast Concrete Tilt-up Panels Detailing

Benefits of Structural Precast Detailing

By using the structural precast detailing service, we can benefit with several construction features. It is used to savings construction costs, we can achieve fast construction schedule with more safety and flexibility.

  • Virtual Building
  • Option for Customization
  • Easy Sharing

1.Virtual Building

The precast concrete detailing process held by the use of predefined construction tools and the best quality of building information models.

2.Option for Customization

The precast concrete detailing process allows the intelligent connections between the building concrete junctions by using the precast model components and reinforcements.

3.Easy Sharing

By using the precast concrete detailing process, we can share the same model construction precast process from any place at any time.

Structural Precast Detailing Services Real Time Uses

Now we can utilize the structural precast detailing services for numerous constructions like creating the building and site amenities, retaining walls, cemetery products, water and wastewater products and many other precast utility structures. Ready made Compound Wall Manufacture in Chennai is the best solution for all your needs.

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