Jun 11, 2019
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Best photographer to capture best moments

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Wedding photo sessions are no longer the same as it was a decade earlier. It has changed a lot with lots of modern and newer methods and sessions added to it along with the cost of wedding photo sessions. Previously it is 2 or 3 days of covering the entire wedding events along with one session os wedding couple on the day of the reception and one hour maximum after the wedding is over. But modern wedding photography followed by the wedding photographers in trichy has more sessions than that. Modern photography involved a mandatory pre wedding session or photography at least a week ahead of wedding and more candid photographic sessions before and after the reception apart from regular photos during wedding events.

Features of wedding photography

More sophisticated people goes for booking a resort or beach house to have the pre wedding photo session done. It will add up more cost but they want to have more fancy wedding photography sessions which includes some cinematic appearance and more dramatic photos taken during the session with some closeup shots that won’t be possible in the wedding hall. They are ready to spend more on this nowadays to have that remembered in the form of album for several years.

One more new method is to have live broadcast or streaming of wedding for those who won’t be able to attend the wedding. It is done through lots of webcasting websites which offers cheaper broadcasting plans and quality streaming over the internet. It provides opportunity for people who are in abroad to view the wedding live through the internet even though they are not able to come for wedding. But theses fancy photography options will eat in to the wedding budget. Moreover, they don’t provide any CD for selecting photos for album, they upload it to the server and clients can choose the photos that they need and they will print those alone. Rest of the photos they can have it in the form of soft copy in the disk and clients can save the money in this way.


With modern technology, best wedding photographers in trichy now live telecast the marriage using the webcast technologies. In this way those who stay abroad and can’t come down for marriage can view the live feed during the marriage and cherish the moment. Also they are arranging to show the even in live mode inside the hall itself with l ot of television sets used. It will be helpful if the marriage hall is big and all the people won’t be able to see the events taking place in the wedding stage. After the marriage is over, photographers took their time to process the photos and videos. Once the photos are ready they upload the photos in to server or online cloud storage and send links to the concerned people to choose the photos for making of the album. Once the album is out next process is to prepare the video. Here their task is well cut out. They need to ensure while they ensure the videos is of manageable duration they also have to ensure all the important events are covered and not removed. Also they need to mix variety of appropriate songs in appropriate events in the video. They need to be careful with the choice of songs as not all will like modern trendy songs. Some wants the traditional songs to be played while some prefer classical music and songs.

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