Dec 1, 2018
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Brief discussion on ASP .Net

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ASP.NET is Microsoft developed is web application which is used for building dynamic websites. In .Net we can use programming language like VB.Net ,C# to build applications. If you have the knowledge of web technologies like CSS HTML, AJAX . Interested in knowing more about Dot Net Training in Chennai. ASP.NET provides software infrastructure, programming model, and other services which are needed for complex web application development.

ASP.NET use HTTP commands . It is compiled code and it is written using reusable component and extensible object in the framework. There is flexibility for writing code in many languages like

  • JScript
  • NET
  • C#
  • J#

IT is for creating data driven ,interactive applications on the internet. ASP.NET has many controls like

Buttons Text boxes labels

For Configuring manipulating assembling code  for generating HTML.  ASP.NET has two model which are ASP.NET web forms model and ASP.NET component model . The brief description about these two model is given here

ASP.NET Web Forms Model

In this model web forms are submitted to the web server and server gives complete page  or HTML page in the form of response. The user activities from client side are forwarded to server for next level process.

The ASP.NET Component Model

This second model pf ASP.NET which gives many building blocks to it. This model describe object model .It is server side of HTML tags . It helps in developing complex UI. It works on .NET framework which contains all functionalities . Upgrade your skill set join .Net Training in Chennai .It object oriented completely ,whenever any user ask for ASP.NET page  ,IIS does all the process for the retrieval of the page.

  You must be wondering for what type of applications does this is used .S , here is the list of the application where .NET is used widely

  • Business Function
  • Re-Designing
  • Gaming
  • Inter-operable Apps
  • Communication
  • Multi-Tiered Software Architecture
  • Communication
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile Apps

There are various benefits of using>nET for developing applications.Those benefits are as follows

Object Oriented


 Easy Maintenance




 Feature -rich

There are many reasons why you should choose .NET as a career

Large community: .NET has a huge community which is good and it will make you start fast .There are many resources are available.

Resource Available: This is the biggest advantage that resources required for learning are easily available. For bright future in .NET and enroll now .Net Coaching Center in Chennai , Which will help you in getting started.

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