Dec 22, 2018
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Brief Insight on the Significance of Tattoos in Different Cultures

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The origin of the tattoo is more likely to have its roots thousands of years back in the ancient past, and it is one of the oldest forms of art. Initially, tattoos used to mark different practices in cultures and in most of the cases they have a connection with the social status as well as identity.

Even now also in certain parts of the world, one can easily identify a person and his/her culture on the basis of the tattoo mark made on the body. Tattoos do have a deep and rich history. This article mainly looks after the fact how people perceive tattoos in different cultures.

Maori Tribe in New Zealand

The Maori tattoos have got some of the most stunning and popular designs in the world. People starting with rugby players and even to commoners, most of the people in the country have got one more tribal tattoos. These tattoos are also known as “Ta Moko,” and they are drawn usually on the face for men, and for women, it is made on the chin, lips, and nostrils.


When it comes to Samoan culture, tattoo differs in design from men to women. In case of men, the tattoos look symmetrical as well a chunky. They also have several blocks and lines inked on the body from the knees to waist. Commonly people call these tattoos as “pe’a.”

Women usually have their tattoos drawn starting from the upper thigh to down the knees. Tattoos for women have got the term as “malu”. Tattoos from Samoan culture tend to be intricate ones, and these tattoos make use of simple black ink along with special handmade tools. Only the best tattoo shops in the world have got the skills to deal with the most intricate form of tattoos because they have the skills and knowledge.


Whenever there is a mention of Buddhism or Buddhist culture, the mark of Mandala tattoos will always be there. These tattoos are intricately drawn circles that usually depict the universe, completion and eternity.

Another important thing about this design is that these designs are versatile in nature and vary from person to person. People interested in getting these tattoos should always look for the best tattoo prices in Phuket as well as from other locations to get the best designs at correct rates.


When someone talks about tattoos in India, the first thing that comes in front of the eyesight is the use of Henna. The process is very simple where a person gets his/her hands and legs stained with the leaf paste of henna. Usually, the use of henna is considered as sacred. But nowadays with a tremendous rise in the influence of pop culture, even non-Indians have started using the same.

While, the cultures discussed above have at least acknowledged the tattoos, but this is not the scenario with rest of the culture. With the passion for body arts, it remains no doubt in revealing the fact that most of the people are willing to get the designs. Just hold on with a professional tattoo artist and get the best design on the body.

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