Mar 20, 2019
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Can we use Castor Oil for Hair?

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During my college days, I used to stay at the hostel. This was my first experience to be surrounded by so much of people who were not related to me.

As time passed, everything was just normal. We became friends; we got exposure to different region’s culture, their practice, the food habits etc.

Till my childhood, I always used either coconut oil (every day) or sesame oil (once in a week) for my hair.

One of my hostel mates, who had healthy, dense hair, gave us a few tips.

In this article, I am sharing those amazing tips with you all. Just passing the goodness J

Did you know? Castor oil is a beauty treatment since the old age, which later got replaced by the latest beauty products that have more ingredients.

Even I wasn’t aware of this until my hostel mate told me.

You can use castor oil on the scalp to prevent hair loss. This oil possesses the antifungal and antibacterial properties, hence, it acts against dandruff, and scalp infections. Besides this, the ricinoleic acid content in it boosts the blood circulation to the scalp & enhances the hair growth.

The ricinoleic acid helps to balance the pH level which can help to rejuvenate the scalp’s natural oils. The antioxidants in this oil support the keratin in hair & make the hair stronger and less fizzy.

I regularly use castor oil for my hair. I prefer to use the castor oil that is pure and is extracted by the traditional method.

There are some people who shared their experience of using castor oil for hair. According to them, their hair growth was 3-5 times higher than the normal rate.

I use this oil 1-2 times in a week. In my experience, it works well on damp hair. I have kept a spray bottle of water in the bathroom & before applying the oil, I spritz my hair roots.

For maximum benefit, I apply it in the night; leave it overnight & in the morning I do shampoo. It really gives out a beautiful result.

Please note that there are some people who notice irritation from Castor oil.

I suggest you test a tiny amount of oil on your inner arm to ensure you don’t have the reaction.

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