Jul 8, 2019
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Exclusive Real Estate Leads – How To Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

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If you are a real estate agent or investor then generating real estate leads should be one of your primary jobs. Creating an interesting website to capture buyer and seller real estate leads should be tops on your list. Let’s look at how to drive traffic to your real estate website so that you can generate as many real estate leads as you can handle.

Once you create your real estate website you need to drive traffic to it. Just because you build a website doesn’t mean that your website will automatically start receiving traffic. You need a plan to generate quality traffic to your website.

There are two primary ways to get traffic to any website. The first is Pay Per Click or PPC. The second way is natural search engine traffic.

Pay Per Click traffic is a form of paid traffic. Go to Google or Yahoo and type in “Toys”. Notice the advertisements to the left of the search results and on top of the search results. These are PPC advertisements. Basically the advertising is free until someone clicks on the ad. The amount you will pay for each click depends on the search phrase used by the internet surfer. For example, the keyword “Toys” may cost you $1.00 per click but the keyword phrase “Toy stores in Atlanta” may only cost 5 cents per click. The price of the keyword depends on the demand for the keyword and how high you want to show in the results. The first advertisement on the page cost more than the sixth advertisement on the page.

The second method to drive traffic to your website is called natural search engine traffic. This type of advertising is free but not easy to master. The competition to have your website list at the top of Google’s search results page is fierce. The chances of someone finding your webpage is very small. Most real estate agents don’t have the time or knowledge necessary to get their page to show up on Google or Yahoo. There are firms that specialize in helping real estate agents rank high in natural search but of course they charge a small fortune for this service.

Every good real estate agent understands the need for a good real estate lead generator system. Having your own website is important but if you can’t drive traffic to your website then you will not generate any leads.

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