Apr 4, 2019
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Few certainly asked question while storing the goods in warehouses

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The idea of relocation generates a high level of stress in an individual. There are different reasons to move to different places depending upon the circumstances occurring in a person’s life. Some shipments are sudden in nature, they are not planned. Thus, causes a number of problems such as accommodation is not finalized at the destination point or renovation is going on at the new place and so on. To cope up with these difficulties and make this task easier movers and packers provides storage facilities for its customers. Customers are really worried about the safety of their belongings. And in order to lower down the burden and keep the goods secure warehousing and storage facilities are considered to be a big relief for the customers. Along with the provision of this facility, there are some questions that are commonly asked by a customer. Such questions involves-

1. Do they have government approved warehouses?

Yes, they have certified and approved warehouses to store the articles of the customers.

2. I have a huge consignment. Do they have adequate space for to store that?

Yes, they have abundant storage space available to store all the articles easily.

3. Can I park my two- wheeler and four- wheeler there?

Yes you can, they also allow vehicle parking.

4. Why the storage houses are situated on highways?

For easy accessibility they are located mostly on highways.

5. Do they clean the place regularly?

Yes, they maintain the hygiene by keeping them clean and dust free using vacuum cleaners every week. Also, pest control is done on regular intervals.

6. What will happen if the place leads to fire?

They have fire resistant storage with fire extinguishers available there.

7. What do they do to keep an eye on the articles 24*7?

They have 24 hours CCTV surveillance and other facilities available with them that help them to look after all the articles.

8. Is there any time limit for storing the goods?

No, there is no such time limit. You can store the items for as long as you want.

9. How many days prior do I need to give the notice to deliver my goods?

You can get your goods delivered at your door step with a prior notice of 2 days or as per the days mentioned by a particular moving company because everyone has different norms.

10. What will be the price charged to store the articles?

The price to be paid is computed with reference to the amount of goods that you are required to store and the number of the days for which you will be keeping them in their warehouses.

11. Is there any limit for the number of articles to be stored?

No, there no such limit. They have adequate space for every consignment. These storage houses are developed with flexible storage facilities.

Solve all the queries before opting for any service from packers and movers and eliminate all your relocating hassles.

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