Feb 21, 2019
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How to Avoid Lotus Notes Error While Moving From NSF to PST

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Manually exporting NSF files from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST is a difficult task. It requires a lot of steps and users generally get confused what to export and what to import. Most of the time the CSV file created to export to Outlook gets damaged and result in data loss. Many users have complain about errors during NSF to PST migration. Some of these can be fixed manually, while others require professional recovery and converter tools like NSF to PST.

One common error that occurs at the very first stage of file migration is ‘Not authorised to perform the operation’. To fix this error manually, create a new bookmark.nsf file with User’s Notes ID. Rename the old bookmark NSF file, so that Lotus notes know the file from which to fetch data.

Other error occurs due to names.nsf and files migrated without attachments. To resolve these errors it is advise to use NSF to PST converter. This professionally built tool can handle any type of error and it makes the file conversion easier. Qualities of NSF to PST converter are

Easy Migration of NSF File: The NSF to PST converter makes it extremely easy to migrate files from NSF to Outlook easily. You only need to add the NSF file and the software extracts the data items from this file and saves them in new PST file assuring error-free transfer.

Scan the NSF File for Error: As soon as the NSF file is added in the software it scans the file for errors. Any error in the NSF file is removed by the software. It repairs the existing NSF file and remove errors that prevent from file migration.

Repair and Recovery: Most of the time what happens is that the resources required for file migration in NSF file are not sufficient enough. NSF to PST converter recover these data items, so that they can be retrieved easily and NSF files recovered without error messages.

Manual or Automated Migration: While the NSF to PST converter automatically exports all the NSF files to PST directly, it also gives custom options to export the data manually. The NSF files can be saved in CSV format so that the user can use it for other purposes too.

Scan/ Search and Preview: You can search to find the required NSF file with ‘Find’ option. Also after scan, the data items in NSF are displayed in the preview window and then they can be filtered on the basis of date, item type, time, sender details and other parameters.

Convert to Multiple PST: A single large NSF file is split in two or more PST files, so that they are compatible with Outlook. Large PST files gets corrupts easily hence the software splits the single Lotus Notes file in multiple PST file.

Save in Multiple Formats: If you are moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook then save the recovered NSF file in PST format or else you have the choice to save it in PST/ EML/ MSG/ RTF/ HTML format. These files make the conversion process easier.

Easy to Use and Compatibility: The NSF to PST converter is very easy to use and it is compatible with all the Lotus Notes version from 9.0 t0 6.0 and Outlook 2003.

Thus the NSF to PST converter recover all the files and make the file conversion easier with its amazing qualities.

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