Jan 8, 2019
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How to choose the best interior designs

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Most of the people do not have that much awareness about the interior designs and decoration. The interior decorations will transform your home into the next level of pleasant experience by create some innovative ideas and decorations on the things you have been used over the year.

The Interior Designers in Chennai is the one stop destination to get all of our interior design services at affordable price rate. After done the interior design services for your working place or residential area then the end of the result is an awful and balanced one you will get the harmonious space and that is always used to reflected your personality.

The architects or realtors are not regulating the surface and the body of the building with the interior designs. there are huge range of pricing structures are available in the process of interior designing like Flat/ Fixed/ Design Fee, Cost-Plus/ Markup, Retail, Hourly, Square Footage, Percentage of Budget/ Amount Spent these all are the major types of the services charges of our building interior design process.

Flat/ Fixed/ Design Fee

This method is used for most of the interior design services through this service the professional interior designers fixed a one rate for the entire project and which is not include the price of the furniture and other home appliance items.

Cost-Plus/ Markup

Through this service the client can able to pay both the cost of the item and the mark-up percentage cost.


The retail is the various types of the cost-plus model the designer will provide the net price of the interior decorations to the client.


The client pays service cost to the professional interior designers based on the hours spent to complete the work.

Square Footage

This kind of methods are the most used one for the commercial interior design process and the new building construction process. Based on the square footage the services amount will be charged.

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