Feb 21, 2019
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How to Extend the Life of Existing Tattoo and Make It Look New

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You can think that the tattoos are not around much before the latest revival in the popularity and the acceptance in the society, but tattoos have been around for several centuries. Probably, you are not too old; many of you are having a tattoo that is at least a few years old.

The reality is that the tattoos grow old with the passing time as like living beings do. Over time, the ink will get spread underneath your skin, and then it will start blurring straight, create bold outlines and making them look like blending to one particular design. The colours of the tattoo will also begin to fade, slowly lose the vibrancy and take the shape of the blue blob. If you have a word tattoo, it seems like merging, no longer prominent enough to read.

The environment, mainly the sun damages the tattoo earlier than ever. You can use the sun protection lotion which is considered to be one of the best ways to protect the tattoo from the sunrays. When you are doing the tattoo, you must consult with the tattoo artist first about the design that you will choose and the prices that the artist will charge. Considering this, Thailand tattoo prices are relatively lower than in other parts of the world. Even, the tattoo artists working at the reputed tattoo parlours in Thailand provide tips and aftercare suggestions to the person who has got inked.

Quick Result to Fix the Fading of Old Tattoo is to use Exfoliating Gel that is developed from the Alpha hydroxyl Acid that is developed from the pineapple, grapes etc. This gel will help you to remove the old, dull skin over the old tattoo. This gel will help the old tattoo to brighten up, but it is very important to use it carefully.

Book the Consultation with the Tattoo Artist :

If the exfoliating gel is not been able to brighten up your tattoo, you a book consultation session with the tattoo artist who will suggest the important tips that will help you to protect and preserve your existing tattoos. The experienced tattoo artist will give you tips that you can follow to keep the tattoo new for longer time

Choose the Cover-Up Tattoos :

Cover-Up tattoos are one of the best ways by which you can cover your old tattoo and get a new design. The tattoo artist will remove your old tattoo with the help of the laser removal and then design a cover-up tattoo over the existing outline.

The price of a tattoo depends on the type of tattoo that you choose. The cover-up tattoos are little pricey as the tattoo artist has to remove the existing tattoo first and then make the cover-up design. If you want to know how much is a tattoo in Thailand or anywhere you want, you should ask the tattoo artist first.

These are some of the ways by which you can extend the life of your old tattoos. If you want to get much more information, you can collect information online.

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