Feb 21, 2019
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How to find cheap flights all year

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What are the best days to buy tickets? Do I have to get the tickets in advance? We give you these and other answers in the following note.

If you always dream of traveling either within Peru or abroad, but you have the excuse that you have no money, there are some tricks that can help you find great deals on all cheap flights.

Take note and get ready for your next adventure:

  1. Buy your tickets in advance

Buying from one month to another can make the ticket triple its price. But, if from now you review itineraries, you could find an amazing offer (ideally between four and six and up to eight months in advance).

  1. Subscribe to travel page offers

Maybe you do not like it because you get many notifications, but you can get very attractive offers. If you are planning your vacation, register now and stay tuned for all the news. And after buying your desired flight, you unsubscribe so that no more emails arrive from these pages.

  1. Avoid holidays

While black Friday and cyber Monday are the most obvious days to buy flights online, always check prices after holidays (which is when people return on vacation).

  1. Try to buy your tickets for low season

Traveling to New York in summer is beautiful and not to mention the beaches of the Caribbean, such as the New Year, but everyone thinks the same and that is when prices soar.

  1. Buy tickets on low traffic days

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it is more expensive to buy tickets because the airlines raise their prices because they are the days that people have more time available to plan their vacations.

According to experts, Tuesday is the best day to buy. It is said that the airlines launch their promotions on Mondays and if they do not sell much on Tuesdays they lower the prices.

Therefore, on Tuesdays it would be the best day to make the purchase of the flight and during the week or on Saturdays it is recommended to travel.

  1. Browse in incognito mode

Many airlines identify the type of purchase you usually make and track your behavior on the internet. In addition, they have cookies and store your searches, when they see your interest in traveling, the safest thing is that the prices increase due to your demand. If you check flights and schedules on another computer or cell phone, or use the incognito mode in your browser, the prices will be modified almost null.

  1. Consider scales

Making stops may make your flight cheaper, but not drastically. Try to get the least number of scales, or better direct something.


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