Mar 16, 2019
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How to make your school experience enjoyable with knowledgeable

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Children go to school for various reasons i.e. to study, learn, explore things and to play. To study is not the only thing; they need to prepare for a better life experience. Schools in Dehradun offer various school activities to their pupils and make it an enjoyable experience to learn in the schools.
A classroom is a place where children go to spend most of their study time so as a school. They not only study there but also learn and explore new things.

Hence, it is very important to make it an active place in order to generate energy among the students.
Here are a number of activities that can give you a better learning school experience:

• Active participation in Debates and Extempore

As said by Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi.
“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress”.

Participation in debates and extempore is a good sign of the personal development of the students. This leaves a lasting effect in their creative minds. Boarding schools in Dehradun provide an active environment for the children to grow independently & morally while helping them to develop their knowledge.

• Problem-based learning

A problem is presented in front of a group of student’s based on an authentic situation which should be faced wisely. This instills in them a sense of leadership making them independent & self-confident.
A different perspective of solving problems makes them wise and sound. With this, students learn to face different situations in life confidently.

• Taking part in Quiz or House activities

Quizzes or inter-house school activities play an important part in a student’s life. They should be divided into a group of students and given a chance to participate in various house activities conducted by the school. Prizes should also be given to the winners to encourage them for better performances.
With this, they acquire more knowledge about academics as well as the outer world. It helps to stimulate memory and increases your brain thinking power. Teamwork boosts friendship status among each other.

• Participating in sports

Games and sports are equally important as are studies and academic part.
Best schools in Dehradun provide excellent sports opportunities to the children for the development of sporting prowess within them. This encourages the students to take an active part in inter-house competitions and make them strong enough from inside.

All these activities conducted by the school makes their students’ learning experience knowledgeable as well as enjoyable.

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