Aug 5, 2019
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How to Sim unlock Nokia Google Pixel LG Samsung Mobile

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How to sim network unlock Lg Samsung Nokia Google pixel mobile. How to get imei unlock code for any mobile.

Nokia mobile unlock is process of removing sim restriction. When customer purchases new mobile on installment. Those mobile are sim network locked. So user can use only one carrier card. For example T-Mobile, at&t, Verizon, sprint all offer latest mobile of Nokia, LG, Samsung, apple iPhone, htc and Google pixel on EMI. Such mobile are on contract for 24 months. Every month customer need to pay installment. And to secure payment, they network carrier lock mobile. And to unlock Nokia it need sim unlock codes.

Mobile unlocking works only with gsm mobile. CDMA mobile does not use codes. They have mobile specific software. And to unlock CDMA mobile, it require modification on firmware. Normally CDMA mobile are locked on software level. And it requires patch or firmware update to unlock mobile.

How to find mobile is locked or not?

There are many ways you can find lock status of smartphone.

1) T-Mobile, Verizon, at&t, o2, bell, TELUS keep their logo on back cover of mobile.

2) When you start mobile within android booting you will find network carrier logo. Which indicate mobile is sim locked on their network.

3) start mobile with other sim card. It shows enter sim network unlock pin or network locked sim card inserted or invalid wrong microchip. Sometime it prompt for enter sim restriction code or message for contact service provider.

4) Smartphone is dual sim even though only one sim slot will work.

How to unlock Nokia, LG, Samsung, Google pixel, Apple iPhone.

First find out imei number of mobile. Imei number is written on battery sticker. There is a universal code for imei number *#06#. These code works on all android mobile including Huawei, Motorola, htc, Samsung galaxy, Google pixel, one plus and Xiaomi. It also works on ios operating system. Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod use ios operating system. Dual sim mobile have two imei numbers. Use first one to generate sim unlock code.

There are many software which generate network unlock code. User shall provide 1) imei number.

2) Carrier details like roger, Telstra, T-Mobile, Verizon.

3) Carrier’s country specific information.

Once you have mobile sim unlock code. Insert any other sim card to mobile and start cellphone. Once cell phone boots, it prompt to enter sim network unlock code for Nokia, LG, Samsung galaxy, Huawei or Motorola. Enter your code and tap OK. Within few seconds you will see message that network unlock successful.

But if you see that network unlock unsuccessful or enter correct code. Then recheck mobile code and enter it carefully. Because after few attempts, mobile will be hard locked. Nokia, LG, Samsung allow 5 to 10 unlock attempt depending upon device model. After every failed unlock attempt, it warns for remaining unlocking attempt.

T-Mobile have device unlock application. This application is pre-installed on T-Mobile instrument. Or you can download it from Google play store. It takes few minutes to download T-Mobile device unlock application. User can temporary unlock T-Mobile without using unlock code. Start T-Mobile device unlock app while connecting to internet. It is advisable to use Wi-Fi network. Now it shows two options temporary unlock and permanent unlock. Temporary unlock is very useful when you travelling abroad and you need to use other carrier card. It will unlock mobile for 15 to 20 days. During this period user can not permanently unlock T-Mobile.

Contact customer care for sim unlock code.

User can contact competitor customer care. And ask them that he wants to shift on their network. They are happy to help you and may provide you mobile unlock code. Alternatively pay all due amount. Then call your carrier and put request for sim unlock code. Also provide your working email address. Network carrier will verify imei number and if there is no due payment about mobile. No complaint against imei number. Then within a week you will get email with mobile unlock code. Now enter code and mobile is free from network restriction.

Whether mobile unlock is legal or not

Mobile sim unlock is absolutely legal. Owner can unlock mobile any time. But you must pay all due amount to respective company. As you are in contract. And if you fail to pay due amount, carrier company can take action as per contract rule.

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