Aug 30, 2019
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How to write a dissertation literature review: an in-depth guide

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Literature review is Associate in Nursing analysis of all obtainable relevant literature to the sphere of study to supply an outline, summary, clarification, or important analysis of a selected issue, theory, and/ or connected ideas. The literature for the sphere study can embrace the previous dissertations within the given field, donnish articles, journals, alternative scientific works, etc.

In a dissertation, writing literature review is sometimes the second chapter and introduces the reader to the present information within the field and provides insight into wherever the analysis fits within the field of study.

The literature is scrutinized primarily to facilitate a continuation of study within the field. The review provides data on the researcher’s information in their specialised space. The literature review interprets previous data within the lightweight of latest data that has since been developed within the field; maps the progress of knowledge within the given field, providing a top level view of assorted faculties of thought. Thus, in continuation of informing the readers of the information that exists, enlightens the readers of the gaps that exist within the information whereas accenting the particular gap that forms the nucleus of the analysis.

The analysis additionally performs the task of partitioning the conflicts between totally different contradicting studies and providing interconnectivity among all til now existing studies within the field. It should additionally inform of comparable researches, if any, conducted within the topic of the analysis and their limitations, if any.

The most important operate of the literature review is to spot wherever the analysis fits into the present literature of the sphere and so reinforces the research’s significance.


 General structure of the literature review:

The review begins with a top level view of the difficulty and topic of the investigation and also the purpose of the analysis.

It is followed by an outline Associate in Nursingd classification of all the works that square measure being reviewed into divisions and subdivisions for an efficient argument on the subject mentioned with an account of the similarities and variations that exist between the works.

Conclusion of the review contains Associate in Nursing account of the works that sound within their argument and also the stress of the gap in the existing data which will be researched.

So the literature review formulates the matter, the subject that’s examined and its element issues; identifies, examines, and evaluates the literature regarding the subject and zeroes in on the foremost relevant material; concludes the review by analyzing and deciphering valid literature and identifying the gap that’s researched.

Crucial things to recollect whereas writing the literature review:

Use evidence

A literature review section is, during this sense, a bit like the other academic research paper. Your interpretation of the accessible sources should be saved with proof [citations] that demonstrates that what you’re spoken communication is valid.

The section should be supported proof, which can validate the study.

Limit the knowledge from the supply to solely the key points. this can eliminate the danger of the literature review being wordy.

Use quotes slenderly and only if paraphrasing isn’t potential. Otherwise, it’ll appear as if your inability to produce a outline or interpret properly.

The literature review, though Associate in Nursing account of alternative authors’ work, should be given in your own expressive style that conforms to the remainder of the dissertation. Summarize and synthesize all the materials given.

Do not lose sight of the structure of the knowledge you’re presenting; incorporate the context of every work given.

Avoid sources that aren’t associated with the immediate concern of your analysis drawback.

Be vital of the knowledge you offer, particularly from analytical and alternative secondary sources.

Present your contradictory views regarding Associate in Nursingy literature in an unbiased and assertive manner; at identical time, gift their views too unambiguously.


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