May 20, 2019
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How to write a Scientific Literature Review | Pubrica

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The literature review is an analysis of the literature of the field like scholarly articles, previous dissertations, scientific journals, etc., to provide a description, summary, explanation, or an idea of a phenomenon, principles, process, etc.

The literature is surveyed to gain an in-depth knowledge of the field of study and identify gaps in the knowledge that can be exploited for research purposes.

This process is recorded in the second chapter of the dissertation document. It is written to give the reader an idea of the progression of ideas, concepts, and knowledge in the field.

The review, in its essence, is a summary of all the critical points of the essential sources that establish the connection between the seemingly different concepts that have contributed to the progression of the field.

Steps Involved In Writing a Literature Review :

  1. Formulating the problem
    — which topic or field is being examined, and what are its component issues? The topic or the field is examined, along with all its component issue and zeroed into a specific issue or a gap; this will lead to the formulation of a question.

2. Searching for relevant literature to the problem or the question posed.

  1. Evaluating the data to determine the critical literature relevant to the topic.

Summary and synthesis of all the key developments in knowledge pertinent to the field and providing a valid interpretation and conclusion.
The general structure of the Literature Review is as Follows:

1.The Initial paragraphs of the literature review services provide an outline of the particular topic under scrutiny and establishes the objectives of the chapter.

2.Then, key sources of the field are given and are classified based on a theme or pattern to provide a better analysis

3.An analysis of the similarity and the differences between the various concepts of the field are provided

4. The conclusion of the chapter explicates the sources that can provide the appropriate context to the research and establishes the gap in the knowledge that will form the crux of the study.

While choosing materials to review, it is essential to consider classifying the materials on the basis of its origin and authenticity. Usually, there are three types of source of knowledge available in a given field.

The primary sources are previous scientific research conducted with scientific temperament and published in journals.

The secondary sources are the reviews that summarize, synthesize and offer new interpretations of the primary sources, developing new concepts and connections that advance the knowledge of the field.

The perceptions, conclusions, opinion, and interpretations that are shared informally, which became a part of the lore of field are tertiary

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