Jun 26, 2019
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Importance of Data Safety Certificates for a Website

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The data safety certificate also known as SSL certificate has significant importance for the website. The absence of data safety certificate can lead to multiple problems. These problems can be related to the leak of confidential information, or steal of website and losing control over your website in case of being hacked. The data safety certification prevents the situation of cyber attacks on the website.

1. Data Protection:

The data safety certificate or SSL certificate is imperative for the website because it ensures the protection of data. The visitors which clicks on the site lead a request to the server, for example; dedicated server hosting packages, the server then encrypts the data before submission forward. This method is designed for the data protection of a website. Hence, the site which has data safety certificate for the website is ensured of data protection by the hosting company.

2. Customer Trust:

The data safety certificate is important for the website because it helps to gain the trust of the customer. Customer trust is important for the clicks on sites and placing an online order. When a customer enters on your site, the green S sign of security ensures the customer that your site is protected. This interests the customers and they prefer to buy products from the site which have security layers to protect their personal information. Hence, the presence of data safety certificate is important for the website to gain the trust of the customers.

3. Website Speed:

The loading speed of the website affects the landing of customers on your site and also affects the ranking on google. The sites which have data safety certificate enjoy more loading website speed than unsecured websites. The customer land on your site and if the site takes more than four or five seconds to pop up, the customer push back button and it shows the bounce back of the website. The continuous events of bounce back negatively affect the ranking of the site. The google throws such site in the lower list of search engine. Hence, the data safety certificate is important for the website to remain on the front show list with the high website speed.

4. Display Preference:

The display preference is linked with the display on Google. For example; Google prefers to show such site on frontlist which has secured itself from hackers and cyber attacks by the integration of data safety certificate. The site which is unsecured from the hackers or cyber attacks is not shown on the lower list so that google interface does not pop out an unsecured site on top. Hence, the data safety certificate is important for the website to gain display preferences by the google interface.

5. Online Business Growth:

Online business growth gets affected by the data safety certificate. For example; the online shopping store which is not secured has more chances of leakages of data of customers credit cards of transaction details, or data can be misused by the third party in fraud. Therefore, the data safety certificate is important for the website to retain its online customers.

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