May 29, 2019
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Indications that defines the hired movers and packers are unreal

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Home relocation is considered to be a disconcerting activity. The thought of shifting the entire household takes a person into a depressed situation. Planning and relocating your valuable belongings without an expert help can create many problems for sure. Therefore, choosing the right and truthful service provider is an utmost requirement for an individual for a successful and trouble free movement.

When you browse via internet, you get enormous moving companies appearing in front of you and that long list bewilders you to an extreme level and creates a depressed situation when you realize there are so many fake companies that are present amongst them. Therefore, to opt for reliable packers and movers, you have to do a bit more research.

There are certain signs that define that the hired professionals are not genuine.

1. Attractive web portals- People usually get induced to the fascinating and appealing things easily and taking advantage of these qualities, fake companies makes a trap for such people by developing their websites providing unbelievable offers and discounts. While opting for a moving company people easily gets influenced by such unfair practices and later their consignments are either damaged or stolen.

2. Unauthorized and unlicensed – There are incalculable companies that are not recognized but still people move with them and later regrets when their goods gets damaged or lost during transit. Hence, it is recommended to check all the certification documents and then opt for the same.

3. Misleading advertisements- For publicity of their fake brands, they adopt false techniques for advertising by offering special discounts on the services. Customer really prefers such companies.

4. Fake promises- They make a lot of commitments while you agree moving with them. They lie about the delivery dates, the techniques of packing, the packing material used etc. They lie about each and every detail from beginning to end.

5. Offering lesser rates as compared to other packers- The precise amount which is charged for the entire movement is comparatively very low because charging low amount will attract more and more customers. In order to save some money people lose their precious belongings.

6. Price estimations without doing a survey-Such companies provide an idea of the precise amount to be paid by the customers without inspecting the goods which is quite weird and non reliable. Without doing a pre move survey it is impossible to give a price estimate to the customers and this practice defines that the companies adapting such practices are not genuine. Go for the company that provides a pre move survey by visiting your home and then calculates the prices by considering all the goods that are meant to be transferred.

7. Hidden costs- The total amount which is written in the quotation is required to be paid by the customer because all the services which are provided are already added in it but such companies ask for more money giving it a name called hidden charges. Never pay anything besides the quoted amount.

These were some important points to be noted down while selecting best movers and packers.

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