Feb 21, 2019
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Information on Eva Bags for Tyres and Chemicals

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If you have been wondering about how Eva is used in Tyres packaging and chemical packaging then this article will brief you up on the various properties of EVA bags and also on how they can be used for tyres and chemicals. Here is all that you need to know about Eva Bags for rubber and Eva bags for Chemicals.

Properties of Eva

Ethylene vinyl acetate bags are widely used for packaging in industries. They are extensively used for packing synthetics and rubber. They are also used for powder and granule substance packing by placing them into a rubber mixing machine as, by doing so, the quality of the product does not get affected. Eva is a co-polymer which helps to improve the precision of any product. It is a low-melting point and low stiffness product. These low-melt bags are used for the mixing of rubber and synthetic materials in industries. Eva bags for rubber and Eva bags for chemicals is rampant in the packaging industry today.

Advantages of Eva Bags

There are various advantages of using Eva bags for rubber and Eva bags for chemicals:
• They can be used in the packing of rubber products and chemicals as they do not compromise the quality of the product.
• EVA bags are co-polymers which improve the precision of the product. They are low-melt bags with less stiffness.
• Eva bags are used for packing frozen foods. They are stored at low temperatures and do not disintegrate like standard plastic bags. They are perfect for storing frozen food items and also ice.

Eva Bags for Rubber and Chemicals:

Eva bags are quite beneficial as they are very flexible. They are available in diverse colours thereby making packing easier. They are also available in various sizes. Eva bags for chemicals are widely used because they help in eliminating spills and wastage of the lavish and costly chemicals that attaches to the surface of the tyres when they are used on the roads. They are mostly used in pressing rubber are thus used in the procedure of tyre-delivery, tube production and shoe productions. They have low melting points lesser than 83 degrees. They do not alter the nature of the product.

Where to source Eva bags from

Eva bags are available at Modwrap, India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials. They have a very customer-friendly website at modwrap.com wherein all their products are listed in detail. They sell packaging products in various sizes and dimensions in quantities of 5000, 10,000 and above in every pack. One can get the sizes customized according to their needs. Their customer support team is always ready to help the customers in solving their queries. They assure a speedy delivery process.

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