Mar 16, 2019
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Is Skill Development the Right Choice?

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The topic may not be new to readers. After all, we live and work in a knowledge economy and have benefited from the surge of services, knowing that it is information and the ability to interpret that information and sometimes arbitration that keeps the knowledge economy in the absence of an effective Online skill development courses market. How can you maintain the wheel to succeed? This is where there have been countless discussions about training.

Key questions included: who is responsible for training the staff of the institution, academic, government or person? The accepted definition of the right skill sets has gained popularity in recent years, and there is general acceptance of standards set by industry bodies, such as sector skills councils, NASSCOM and others.

The remaining challenge is to accept the value of these skill sets. We have certainly heard of the adage “hackers will be recruited,” but it is clearly not the situation required for most of us. This reminds me of a story I heard by chance where the expert interviewed a company about the skill challenges they face and trying to identify a possible exit.

  • The first question was – do you face a skill-challenge? The resounding answer was a yes – and the dialogue lasted about 10 minutes
  • The second question was – if you were to get skilled people for a job role that you are not able to fill and they would have a proof of being at the level you want them to be (a certificate, degree, assessment that you accept), would you hire them? – Of course yes, was the clear answer
  • The third question was – will you pay that skilled person 500 Rs./month higher than your average hire off the street? – And there was stunned silence in the room

While there may be several reasons for silence; including company policy, salary reward and many other problems: Let’s not forget the fact that there is also a problem with the value. The key element to consider is why we can solve this unknown value in our lateral contracting processes, but not so much when it comes to getting into junior jobs. .

This is the story we know so far. How does this develop in the destructive and cognitive era in which we find ourselves? On the one hand, institutions will need to create a cognitive scout, with cognitive capabilities such as IBM described in “Analysis: Dawn of the Cognitive Age”. The capacity will be necessary to estimate the data, as it will be the new currency. Second, education will become an important part of this combination and will be ahead of training in the coming years. Organizations should consider a range of wide-angle lenses and narrow-focus lenses.

“Leaders with a growth mentality (who assume that talent can develop) learn high value, are open to feedback and depend on their ability to develop their abilities and those of others,” according to Carol DeWeek. Learning will be an important online courses skill for winning institutions. It will be formal, informal, social, continuous and deep. It is important to apply the right framework for the right people.

In short, skill development will be an important tool for tomorrow’s success and will recognize the winners of the survivors.

The Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship announced the launch of an online platform,, to instill selection skills and bridge the digital divide in India.

Training courses on soft skills, languages, culture, digital literacy and entrepreneurship are among the options available to users.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Skill India last year, which aims to train more than 40 young people in India in 2022.

“By introducing skills learning on the Internet, the entire nation is likely to become a classroom, and coordinating the artwork of audio and video graphics will help us understand the concepts of skill seekers more quickly and for a longer time,” he said. Official Statement

“Skill India is designed to bridge the digital divide by providing basic Online skill development courses literacy opportunities for anyone looking for skills, making them more aware and more relevant to today’s business environment.”

On Friday, President Pranab Mukherjee opened the first edition of the “Skills of India” competition on the occasion of World Youth Day..



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