May 16, 2019
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Literature review in scientific writing

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Literature review forms the Most important part of all scientific research. As a systematic investigation to find conclusions and yo achieve facts, every scientific research builds on existing knowledge. Unless one wants to change  the wheel, precise awareness on the extent of wisdom on a subject is necessary to carry on research that adds value to the area.

A literature review for scientific research can be defined as a survey of scientific paper’s, scholarly articles, and all other systematic scientific sources similar to a particular Problem, field of study, theory, to include a description, summary, and critical evaluation of a concept, school of thought, or ideas related to the research question is Tested. In extension, the literature review familiarizes the author to the extent of knowledge in their area. When represented as a part of the paper, it establishes to the readers, the author’s depth of understanding and knowledge of their field subject.

The scientifically relevant literature in a source consists of the last studies in the field, established schools of thoughts, scholarly articles, and scientific journals among other things. The literature review differ from field to field. In hard sciences, the literature is mostly facts and the review may be simply a summary of the critical sources. At the other side in soft sciences, the examine provides an overview and synthesis of various schools of thoughts and their interlinked. A summary or an overview is the brief account of all informational highlight from key source fields, while synthesis is the restructuring or reorganization of the information in a way that informs of the dissertation’s plan of Examing the research result.

The importance of literature review to scientific research can be condensed into its analytical feature. The reach of its significance, though, is multifold.

The following are reasons how literature review adds value and legitimacy to the study:

  1. Literature review Provide the interpretation of Existing literature in the light of Updated developments in the field; this helps in establishing the consistency in knowledge and relevancy of existing materials.
  2. The progress of knowledge in the field is mapped and how the dialectics of contradictions between various thoughts within the field helped establish facts is Indicate during the course of reviewing the literature. This helps in calculating the impact of Latest information in the field.
  3. The literature is primarily scrutinized to identify gaps in the knowledge of the field source. This gap is further explored during research to establish Latest facts or theories that Provide value to the field.
  4. The concept of conducting a scientific and systematic study necessitates observation of existing knowledge, thus, facilitating the need for literature review
  5. The literature review also helps in indicate the current study’s place in the schema of the field.

The literature review also check the study by providing information on its relevancy and coherency to the existing knowledge and methods in research. In turn, it establishes the author’s expertise in the field and provides legitimacy to carry forward the wisdom of the area using scientific and systematic methods.

The literature review while elucidating the continuance of knowledge, also point out areas that require further Examination and hence, aid as a starting point for future research.

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