Aug 5, 2019
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Looking for a Commercial RO for Your Establishment? Opt for Aquafresh Commercial RO Purifiers

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The need for a commercial establishment is different from household needs, especially when it comes to drinking water. While a water purifier with 10-12 liter storage capacity and a filtration rate of 12-15 Litres/hour might be good enough for an average home of 5-6 people; it certainly is not enough for an office or school. You require a commercial RO unit in such cases. Depending on your requirement, commercial RO units are available in varying sizes ranging from those having a filtration capacity ranging from 25 liters per hour to 1000 liters per hour!

Though several water purification units are available in the market, sale of RO filtration units has increased. This is because apart from removing impurities from water, enhancing the taste (by removing minerals causing hardness in water) is also an important aspect. Most places have hard water which makes it difficult for consumption, not to mention, cause diseases like fluorosis. No company wants their employees to go through a harrowing time, and later being held responsible for any medical conditions. Hence most establishments opt to get commercial RO units installed in their premises to ensure pure drinking water for all.

Despite the presence of various water purification companies, the commercial RO of Aquafresh RO has emerged as a popular choice. Various reasons for its popularity include:

  • They have commercial RO plants which provide filtration at 25 LPH, 50 LPH, 100 LPH, 150 LPH, 200 LPH, 250 LPH and even higher capacities like 500 LPH and 1000 LPH!
  • Several filtration techniques are used to ensure that the water you drink is completely pure and safe. These include RO, UF and UV apart from filtration (sand filter, candle filter), anti scalant dosing system (prevents scaling of the membrane), micro filtration, high-pressure pump, and micron membrane filters.
  • Unlike most RO filters which remove essential minerals present in water, Aquafresh RO retains these minerals so that the water you drink is healthy.
  • Compared to other commercial water purifiers available in the market, their products are available at reasonable rates.
  • The shipping, installation of the product, as well as post-sale service, is excellent.


Aquafresh has been in the industry for nearly 1.5 decades. Providing pure drinking water to all has been their motto. For details about their range of products you can check

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