Jun 11, 2019
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Looking for Silk Bandhani Dupattas? Craftmagic has a whole galore!

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Bandhani dupattas have always excited Indian women since a very long time. The intricate detailing of the print, the vibrant colours and the traditional look all come together in a wonderful amalgamation in a bandhani dupatta. You can buy a silk bandhani dupatta or a chiffon bandhani dupatta to give a festive look to your ensemble.

These dupattas are multi-purpose and can be teamed with a lot of your dresses.

Rajasthani Art

Bandhani dupattas have been a part of Rajasthani art since a very long time. These dupattas instantly jazz up your look and add lots of grace and elegance along with a substantial style. Every woman carries a dupatta in India with an Indian ethnic dress. Bandhani dupattas when teamed up with your ethnic kurtis or kurtas ups your style quotient and completes the look of the dress. These dupattas are quite famous in Rajasthan. Many Rajasthani families have been engrossed in the task of making bandhani dupattas since generations. Bandhani print is judged by its minuteness. The thinner or intricate the print, the costlier the bandhani fabric can get.

Fabric and Styling

Silk Bandhani Dupattas or chiffon Bandhani dupattas are available in a single colour and also in shaded colours or multiple-colours. Pairing a shaded bandhani dupatta with a plain coloured ethnic kurta looks stunning and gives oodles of charm to your persona. These dupattas are available in various fabrics. These dupattas are made in different fabrics like chiffon, silk and pure cotton. While the cotton ones are common, these days, women have ventured into chiffon bandhani dupattas for a semi-formal look.

These dupattas are available in various styles. Pretty borders are often attached to bandhani dupattas to complete the look. At times, to impart a heavier look, stone work or embroidery is done along with the bandhani print to enhance it further.

The Protector

A dupatta was compulsory in Indian history because they protected a woman from the eyes of bad men. The society has become quite modern today but many a times, a woman feels safe covering her body with a dupatta.

Pricing and Availability

Bandhani dupattas are available in various price ranges. This price varies from fabric to fabric and also depends on how intricate the print is. A chiffon bandhani dupatta could cost very less when compared to a silk bandhani dupatta.

Sourcing a bandhani dupatta has become very easy owing to the plethora of online sites these days. These ecommerce sites source the best bandhani dupattas online from small vendors. This method enables the beautiful Rajasthani dupattas to be available to everyone in India. One gets to see a wide variety of bandhani dupattas online and select from various colours, patterns and styles.

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