Jan 19, 2019
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Most Comprehensive Guide on Traffic Rules in Dubai

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Driving in Dubai is not an easy task so whether you own your own car or have a car hire from any car rental organization in Dubai. You have to pay full attention to the traffic rules in Dubai in the case especially you rent a car in Dubai.

Following are some penalties and fines you have to pursue while driving on the roads in Dubai.

1) Violation: amid driving, if you are smashed or dependent with a fine in Dirhams choose by the court in addition to dark focuses will be included driving permit and maintenance period would be 60 days for light vehicles.


2) Violation: Drive while if you have taken any medication or under any cerebrum issue fine could be chosen by the court in dirhams however you’re driving permit could be suspended for one year and roadster would stop for 60 days.


3) Violation: If you are associated with a reason for somebody’s demise fine could be chosen by a court with 23 dark focuses and maintenance period could be 60 days for light vehicles.


4). Infringement: If you are engaged with a reason for genuine damage it would give you the opportunity from police with a fine chosen by the court in addition to 23 dark focuses with 30 days stopped your vehicle.


5). Infringement: If you flee from the spot of a mishap even don’t stop on the police call at that point fine could be 800 Dirhams for light autos 1000AED for the substantial vehicle in addition to 12 and 16 dark focuses for light and overwhelming vehicles separately with 30 days stopped of the vehicle.


6) Violation: If you couldn’t stop for a little mishap and flee, fine could be AED500 AED 1000 for light vehicles and substantial vehicles individually in addition to 8 dark focuses for 8 for light vehicles and your vehicle could be held by police for 30 days.


7) Violation: Foe over speeding in the event that it is in excess of 80 km/hour AED 3000 must be paid with a derivation of 23 dark focuses on driving grant and 60 days of a vehicle stopped.


8) Violation: if number plates vanish and you are driving the charged could be 3000dh in addition to 23 dark points and 90 days for vehicle ended.


9) Violation: driving a substantial vehicle in the way that imperils yours and others lives, wellbeing and security fine could be DH3000 in addition to driving permit could be taken by police for one year.


10) Violation: If you drive such that makes harms private and open resources then you will be charged for AED3000

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