Mar 19, 2019
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Moving tips for relocating a car

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Movement of your car from one place to another is quite a difficult and daunting task to be performed. It is attached with a lot of sentiments of an individual willing to move it, whether it a usual a micro, mini or a magnificent Audi. Both of them are equally precious, to maintain its worth by transporting it safely it is recommended to opt of the Movers and Packers services. They are expertise in secured relocations. From big loaders to small containers, they have all sort of vehicles to ship a car with utmost protection. At times people prefer to drive their vehicle in the entire journey which leads to generation of unlimited fuel and other expenses later regrets about the decision taken. So, it is beneficial to move via relocating company. Besides this there are few points that are required to be followed by the person who is willing to transport it to another place. You can consider them as some handy tips-

1. Ensure the battery is fully charged especially for the longer routes.

2. Deactivate all security alarms to save the unnecessary usage of battery.

3. Maintain the minimum level of fuel in the tank to ensure safety during transit.

4. Remove all the accessories from it.

5. Do not store some personal items inside the car to ship.

6. Avoid loading big items inside; it can cause damage to the car.

7. Take your car for the service before planning a move. Ensure that fuel tank does not have any leakage.

8. Arrange the duplicate keys of the car.

9. Click photograph of the current condition of the car. Doing this will help you to know its exact situation at the destination place.

After referring to the above guidelines, arrange the following documents ready before the Packers and Movers arrive-

1. Original pollution control certificate.

2. Photocopy of Registration certificate

3. Photocopy of Insurance certificate

4. Any ID proof, it can be a Voter id, Aadhar card etc

5. Two passport size photographs

These are some of the tips that are essential to move any vehicle whether it is car or a bike. Further, the whole responsibility is transferred to the Packers and Movers hired. They will pick up the car from your doorstep and will drive it till the nearest hub of the company because big car carriers are not allowed to enter in a residential area. Therefore, as per the norms your car will be loaded in the vehicle after reaching the corresponding branch. After loading it securely it will be transferred within the committed time limit by them unless if something, which is beyond their control occurs (natural calamities, accidents, political conflicts etc) otherwise not. They have time bounded manpower working with them.

Conclusion – search for a reliable relocating company, to safely shift your car and remove all negative thoughts and fears with respect to the protection of the car.

Have a happy move.

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