Jun 18, 2019
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My 10 Points guide to buy “Ready to move in ” apartment.

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Buying a House has never been an easy decision.

There are all sorts of flashy advertisements doing the rounds in newspapers showing attractive images and life styles that the property is going to offer. But before you put your life time savings in to the hands of a Builder , consider following My Guide to buy Apartments

Point 1.  Buy by reference.

One must try to buy a place where your relative or at least an acquaintance is living there from some time. Because only then you will get a true picture of the facilities and infrastructure of the society. The property dealer or builder will always show you a rosy picture, but before putting your life time savings you must always go by a reference.

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Point 2. Buy in a larger society

I always recommend friends to buy houses in larger societies , reason being that they have better common facilities, they will have larger playground, bigger gardens and better club house. Larger societies with these amenities also provide more options to select tenants if you want to let your property on rent.

Point 3. Don’t go for a society where builder has kept provision for future expansion

Builders will always try to reap maximum benefit from the land that they have invested in.

And whatever promises they provide about the future use of the vacant land, be rest assured that they will try to put, as tall a structure as possible, once the law would permit them, at a later date.

So there are high chances that the beautiful view that you have seen before buying that lovely apartment would turn in to an eye sore at a later date and you will not get any buyer or get limited number of buyers for the property when you plan to sell it off.

Also once the builder will put up another building in the vacant area, then you will have many more residents to share the common amenities which will prove to be one of the other cons of expansion.

Point 4. Don’t go for ground, first, second and top floor

There will always be privacy issues in lower three floors, you will always find strangers peeping inside your houses and pointing to the interior decoration that you have done or the False ceiling that you have made, so you have to always put on the curtains especially at night.

There will be more chances of rodents and mosquitoes entering at lower floors, so if you are not a phobic to height then my suggestion is to go for upper floors.

Don’t consider top floor if you are living in northern region of the country as it will attract more heat and resale value is also lower . But you can consider it if you get a real cheap deal. Top floors have certain advantages too, like it will not attract seepage from the washrooms / kitchen of the floor above and also you will get more height in the toilets as there will be no false ceiling / sunken slab there.

As per Vaastu also top floors are considered to be a good option.

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