Mar 16, 2019
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The time when learning the national details was enough is over. In this digital age, it is important to change the online executive education system to a broader level at an international level. This will allow a great exposure for the students, which will help them to become wiser. By making education global, each student has the opportunity to learn more about events around the world and gain more knowledge such as “knowledge is power”. It is time for educational institutions to realize the importance of global learning and change all the educational patterns that were previously followed.

This need for global education has given rise to new possibilities, such as allowing students to learn anywhere in the world. The need for a global education allowed the emergence of new international schools in large countries and cities. The education given there will be completely different from that of the normal schools. Global education focuses on providing only the best for their students that will totally change the way they think and allow them to focus on their careers. Such students are those who become the “employers” after graduation, while the other students of the normal schools become their “employees”.

According to the surveys, the United States of America occupy the first place for which international students opt and the percentage continues to increase in a healthy proportion. Recognizing this growth and the demand for international schools, many other schools have begun to implement aggressive and unhealthy strategies to attract students from all over the world. Students should investigate clearly and decide adequately with the help of those who have a good knowledge of this and make the most of this opportunity.

Reasons why research universities are going global-

There are many reasons why several educational institutions and universities are globalizing and focusing on earning more money. They focus more on students and try to provide the best information they can give to students. The following are the reasons why universities are becoming globalized.

Pedagogical and curricular logic:

Globalization means that the university must have adequate means to collaborate with foreign partners that have common objectives and foundations. This is very essential for all degree courses where students come with the goal of getting their perfect career internationally on a large scale. This is the main reason why students choose to study in international institutes. In addition, online executive education students also have the privilege of transferring as there are exchange programs available. This gives them international experiences with much anticipation that will accustom them to different situations and configurations. There are some universities that have predetermined objectives to increase the number of students in mobility programs.

Research and experience in logic and data access:

The main function of universities is the research and discovery of new things where there are no limits or limits to carry out research work. In the research process, the teachers keep the students as their assistants, which will be a great thing for the students, since they can learn more through this. At the end of these research projects, students can present their thesis at a global level, which will give them a good experience and a great exposure to the outside world. By doing this, students will surely gain more knowledge that will help them in their overall performance.

Network development logic:

Limitations on geographical, cultural, time and national borders are broken through the development of the network. The revolution in telecommunications and the Internet has given way to breaking down these barriers and made collaborations possible. All the efforts made to establish a solid relationship with the universities abroad are mainly based on the construction of a global network of partners that helps the university reach the highest level. Universities that have a large network structure are European universities mainly because of their geographical distribution and greater regional integration. Establishing a good network is a key element in professional and organizational life, so most of today’s universities are actively focused on creating networks.

Competitive logic:

All universities online executive education compete with each other, striving to become the best institution by providing the best facilities that will surely benefit students and for which competitive logics are essential. These logics are necessary for universities to have a healthy association with foreign institutions with those who believe they are at the same level. Only through these networks can be classified as no.1. If they can reach an agreement with institutions that are above their level, it is even more beneficial for universities to become the best. By entering into an agreement with foreign universities, the fame of both parties increases as press releases contribute to this. In today’s world, it is very important to maintain a very good image in front of the public to guarantee the possibility of a greater association with other institutions.

Market access:

It is not a surprising fact that the universities of the United States and Europe are classified as the main international institutions since the global economy is effectively connected with countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China that are being given high priority. Effective marketing is used as a key tool to allow students from these countries to join and make use of such education that will surely benefit them in several ways. The idea of focusing on these countries is that, these countries are expected to play an important role now and greatly affect the global economy, which in turn will help the growth of the university.

Access to the market in East Asia is quite easy, as the students’ ability to move does not require effort due to the geographical distribution and cultural proximity of the country. According to a survey, a large number of students join these universities, mainly from countries such as Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. Also, students from other parts of the world join universities in the countries mentioned above.


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