Apr 20, 2019
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Perfect Diet For Small Pets: Feeding Right!

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These small pets- no matter how innocent they look, they are not. It’s a prey we tell you. But such enticing eyes, how can you not take them home? Now that you have them, it is very important that you feed them properly and take care of them! Here are some tips and ways to ensure that!

Perfect Diet for Small Pets: Feeding Right!

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are herbivores, so their eating regimen ought to be one dependent on great guinea pig roughage, pelleted guinea pig sustenance and constrained measures of crisp vegetables and new organic product. Any lop-sidedness in nourishment can cause incessant looseness of the bowels, weight and sicknesses of the heart, liver or kidneys. Bit by bit acquaint new nourishments with your guinea pig’s eating routine as sudden or huge dietary changes can cause health troubles. Their diets should basically include-
Hay: Hay is a vital part of your pet’s diet. Chewing on hay also aids to wear down the guinea pig’s teeth, which grow continuously.
Pellets: Choose pelleted food that has been veterinarian-tested and approved and follow the feeding instructions on the packaging as a guide.
Fruits and Veggies: A balanced diet consists of fruits and vegetables, but in moderation. Try out various types of fruits or veggies to see which your guinea pig likes the most. After you’ve discovered a few, stick to those in their diet.
Cecotropes: These are small, soft pellets containing nutrients absorbed from plants during the digestive process. Cecotropes pass from the large intestine, out the anus and are consumed immediately.

Perfect Diet for Small Pets: Feeding Right!


Most of a pet hamster’s sustenance ought to be comprised of a decent quality, locally acquired nourishment planned explicitly for hamsters (not for rodents, mice, or felines). Yet, your pet sustenance decisions at the pet store can be overpowering even by narrowing it down to hamster nourishment.
Pelleted Hamster Diets: Pelleted hamster foods offer a completely balanced diet in every bite. These pets can be really picky with loose seed mixes, eating only their favourite items, resulting in an unbalanced diet.
Seed Hamster Diets: When feeding a loose seed mix to the hamsters; ensure that hamster empties the food bowl before adding more; do not allow your hamster to eat only its favourite things.
Fresh Foods and Treats: You can freely feed your hamster a variety of human foods as long as you limit the treats to at most 10% of your hamster’s diet.

Perfect Diet for Small Pets: Feeding Right!

Rabbits and Bunnies

Clean, potable water and great quality feed and grass should make up most of your rabbits’ eating routine. A rabbit’s stomach related framework needs roughage or grass to work appropriately so a sound supply is critical. You can enhance with verdant greens and a little measure of pellets. Root vegetables, for example, carrots or organic product, should just be given in little parts as a treat, as rabbits don’t normally eat these sort of nourishments. Continuously evade muesli-style sustenance, as these are undesirable for rabbits and has various related medical issues.

Perfect Diet for Small Pets: Feeding Right!

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