May 18, 2019
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Pointers to move effortlessly with best movers Singapore

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Planning to shift at a new place? Finding ways to execute the process? Looking for home movers Singapore? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will be guiding you with some essential tips that will make your relocation easier.

1. Make a proper checklist- Maintain a list of the tasks that you need to complete on your end in the whole process of movement. Doing this will help you to remember the things easily.

2. Prepare an inventory of items- Make a list of the essential articles that are required to be transferred. Do not over crowd the consignment. Discard, sell or dispose the items that are no longer in use.

3. Earn some money by selling few items- Sell the articles that are not used by you anymore. You can earn money by this.

4. Donate few of them- If you don’t want to sell the articles, it is better to donate them to the people who needed hem the most.

5. Keep the hazardous articles away- A relocating company never ships such articles, they are prohibited from being transported as they can cause damage to other articles also. Some of the hazardous and inflammable items involves-

• Acids and chemicals
• Kerosene and other oils
• Nail paint removers
• Paint
• Fireworks
• Fire extinguisher
• Inverter and car batteries
• Pesticides
• Poisons etc

6. Search for an authentic mover- Opt for a reliable company-

• Look for the various options online
• Visit their official websites only
• Check their reviews
• Gather knowledge about their working standards and services they are offering
• Check their prices
• Shortlist few of them
• Opt for the most preferred one
• Examine its licensing and certification documents and then finalize

7. Decide a moving date- Think and inform a date when you wish to move. Avoid doing it especially on weekends and festivals because these are the most busiest and expensive days to relocate with a vendor.

8. Discontinue the utilities- Disconnect the basic utility services such as electricity, water, internet, DTH and other services that are no longer availed by you.

9. Change the address- Replace the old address with the new one in the legal documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, passports etc.

10. Notify your friends and relatives- Inform your friends and relatives about the change so that they can visit you at your new residence.

11. Take a final round- Once you have done with all the works, examine your entire house once again and inspect if any article or anything is left out to be added in the list. If something is missed, add it immediately.

12. Supervise the hired vendors- In the end; analyze all the activities performed to pack and move a consignment with utmost care and caution by professional movers Singapore.

Follow these steps and convert your move into a facile process. Have a flourishing move!

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