Mar 30, 2019
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Sample Work Of A Writen Medical Dissertation Proposal | Pubrica

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A Medical Dissertation is a document of your research which you have to submit for obtaining a doctoral degree. It’s also a test to check your competency in conducting an independent research. It can act as a turning point in your career in future and help you gain world recognition through your research

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At Pubrica, we offer medical writing service, where you can relax and remain stress-free given that work being handled by an experienced Professional

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Medical Writing and Physician Writing Services for the Medical and Pharma Industry:

All of our physician consultants are:

  1.  Subspecialists in their field
  2.  Clinicians and researchers at prestigious medical institutions
  3. Editors with long experience at top U.S. imaging journals
  4. Editors who each have made decisions on up to 3,000 papers
  5. Published up to 500 papers each

Pubrica Scientific Writing & Publication offers comprehensive medical, scientific, technical, and business writing services. We offer an array of writing services: manuscript writing, regulatory writing, Clinical Report Form (CRF) writing, biostatistical report writing, academic and business writing, physician writing, medical writing and more. Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and pundits with therapeutic repertoire. Publishing that medical paper or getting a regulatory drug approval is now easy. We assist you in every phase of your project. Save time and money through our support

Our experience:

SMEs available across life science, computer science, medicine and technology; pundits with niche therapeutic repertoire are with you at every stage of the process. Scientific Writing & Publishing team is your aide—publishing in a journal or getting a regulatory drug approval is now easy; moreover, all writers are certified by American Medical Writing Association (AMWA) and European Medical Writing Association (EMWA). One hundred per cent quality assurance guaranteed through compliance with International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), Conformité European (CE), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Good Clinical Practice (GCP); on par with Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)


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Pubrica Scientific Writing & Publication offers comprehensive medical writing for medical device industry & pharma industry, scientific, technical, and business writing services.We have experts across all subjects and specializations SERVICES OF PUBRICA: 1. EDITING AND TRANSLATION SERVICE 2. PUBLICATION SUPPORT SERVICE 3. RESEARCH SUPPORT SERVICE(SCIENTIFIC AND CLINICAL RESEARCH WRITING) 4. PHYSICIAN WRITING SERVICE 5. SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION SERVICE Contact - +91 9884350006 Email - [email protected] Read more - professional scientific paper editing service,research paper editing services,physician writing services,

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