Aug 10, 2018
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Significant element of brain development process

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The foetus stage is an early brain development process that begins with the three weeks of conceiving. The brain development is the process starts with before the birth and it is continuous until the end of our life. here in this hub, we will discuss some useful tips about how to improve Baby Brain Development process to showcase their skill levels as high.

How to train our brain?

The Brain development firstly stars in the utero function. When the brain was developed there are billions of neurons are generated in our brain to store all kind of events happens in our lifetime. the axons and dendrites are used to develop in the neurons to create a neuron forming connections.

It is also just like as the hardwired connecting mechanism that are used to believe to determined genetics in our genes. this activity can be differing from the one person to another person based on the environment.

here I list out some of the most significant information of how the environment plays the vital role in our brain development. The new born babies are impaired and malnourished based on the surrounding environment.

Why baby brain development is more important

The babies are having more neurons more than the adult brain neurons. The new study states that the new born baby’s human brain is showed a faster response than the adult brain because of its nerves system and neurons connections. That as the adult brain 41% slower than the new born babies brain skills.

The baby brain development is the best stage of organism life to improve more memory power. because the adult brain is not the perfect stage is very difficult to develop some of the brain functions kids nerves and neurons are the active in a very fast mode so the kid’s brain development is more effective one than the adult brain development.

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