Jun 28, 2019
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The hope of revival for the Real Estate

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Right now the real estate industry might be in the state of low spirits but it is still the best option to put your money on when compared to other alternatives. It is a business that has served its purpose to almost every entrepreneur in some or the other way. It is the easiest way to generate funds for any sort of purpose such as politics.


Picking up an enigmatic land and waiting for it to turn to gold is one of the tricks under the sleeve which is used by most of the buyers and businesses. However, there’s no clarity in how the system works which the real estate sector is observed as a vague business giving a bad image to it.


This is now changing as the Indian Government is trying to make it simple and lucid with the implementation of RERA or Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. This ensures that there is transparency on how the system works that benefits the buyer. Now the developers cannot delay the project and if done otherwise then the buyer has to be compensated.


Keeping aside the fact that the real estate industry is a place full of uncertainties, our government is trying to ensure that this industry should be backed up which is important for the country’s economy. The plans and initiatives by the Indian Government are increasing the curiosity among the population about buying a home. The needs are fully sufficed however the financial problems have to be solved by the buyers.


In order to keep the momentum going, HomeCapital introduced their Down Payment Assistance program that helps the buyers satisfy their down payment needs and buy their dream home early in life rather than waiting for years to accumulate savings.


It’s a really powerful and innovative idea bringing a positive change to the lives of millions of home buyers. We help you cross the biggest hurdle of down payment savings to fulfil your dream of Homeownership. Welcome to the future of home buying. We bring you Down Payment Assistance, Transparency and Accelerated Home Ownership.

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