Mar 16, 2019
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The One who succeeds is the one who thinks he can

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The above-mentioned title is also a poem written by Walter D Wintle. It has also become a part of the curriculum for the children in schools in Dehradun.

It is very well said that-

” Where there is a will, there is a way”.

There have been many people like Helen Keller, Anne Frank who have set an example before us that they can get success in life if they are determined to their goal. Overcoming all types of handicaps one can get success in any field of life.

A person having patience and faith upon him is sure to get success. It doesn’t matter whether he reaches to the ladder of success early or late. Confidence too plays an important role in getting success whether in education or anything else.

Time and again it has been proved very well that nothing is impossible for those who have a strong will power & determination to achieve their dreams.

It is rightly said that “God helps those who help themselves”.

Many great people like Hillary Clinton, Thomas Alva Edison, John Milton, and Sudha Chandran etc.  have proved this.  A physical handicap cannot dampen their spirit and rest for life. They not only overcome their disabilities but also set an example for others across the world to work hard and achieve their aim. Their great lives are an inspiration for us.

Their lives inspire & motivate us greatly to increase our abilities and to overcome the adversities as well as face challenges while developing an unstoppable spirit in life.

If these people can achieve why should not we?

Many children face difficulties in gaining education whether due to Poverty or because of lack of knowledge. And, those who study in schools, they tend to lose power because of lack of courage & will.

This proverb fits well- “If you think you can you will, but if you think you can’t you won’t”.

If we have faith, courage, determination to win, strong will and confidence then no one can stop us to achieve success in life.

Having a positive attitude in life helps us achieve milestones in the career.

Thus, it is obviously proved that The Man who succeeds is the man who thinks he can, sooner or later.

So, always keep trying and never give up!






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