Apr 17, 2019
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Tips to relocate a car internationally

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Car plays an indispensable role in the lives of the people. They become over possessive when it comes to move it, especially when it is needed to be transported abroad. Relocating it within the state is quite simple in comparison of doing it internationally. There are various formalities that are attached to it while moving. Hence, the first and foremost step to ship a car carefully is opting for the reliable movers and packers. They are the experts that have been established globally to serve its customers with their standardized moving solutions by utilizing best of their resources. These professional moving companies take all the responsibilities related to a shipment starting from picking it up till it is safely delivered. Security of every article while transporting it their utmost priority. They cautiously move the cars and other vehicles by loading them in the specially designed carriers without being driven in the journey.

Shipping a car at an international level is quite a burdensome task. It is attached with knowing various laws regarding export and import services and generates a lot of paper work. It is always advisable to study about the laws, code of conduct, environmental and safety regulations, availability of the spare parts, custom duties and taxes, insurance costs, fuel’s cost etc of the country in which shipment will take place. There are few things you need to do before the service providers arrives-

• Do not keep any bag or anything while the car is in transit. Remove all the belongings from inside only factory installed items should be left there.

• Wash your car properly and keep the fuel level 1/4th of the tank’s capacity.

• If any part of the car is damaged inform it to the vendors.

• Click the photographs of the current condition of the car before shipment so that later you can compare if damage occurred.

• Do not store any household item inside the car; they do not get any insurance coverage in that case.

• Turn off the alarms.

Arrange all the documents properly. List of the documents is-

• Original car title of the company

• If there is a lien holder then the certificate from the lien holder authorizing the vehicle to be shipped out of the country

• Inventory of the car describing its specifications

• Complete valuation form and letter of instruction required for the shipment.

• Registration certificate, pollution certificate, driving license and an ID proof

If any document besides the above mentioned list is required they will be giving a proper guidance about that. Further they will be helping with all the legal formalities, so that the customer can relax and feel free from all kind of responsibilities.

Hence, to make your international car movement successful in one go, just sit back and relax and choose the reliable movers and packers for a hassle free move.

Have a happy and stress free move!

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