Jun 13, 2019
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Top 5 Office Wardrobe Items That Can Make You Look Great

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A person is known by the way he dresses. Outfit speaks more about yourself than the words. Living in the modern era means to be updated with the trends and fashions. Everyone is in the race of getting the best clothes for their wardrobes.

When it comes to working in offices, many people spent 8 to 9 hours in offices in formal attire. The formal outfit is usually considered to be an office outfit that is found in everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you are going for an interview or needs promotion, your personality will be dependent on your outfits. The hurdle everyone faces in their office life is the selection of their clothes. You don’t want to wear the same shirt or pant every next day.

Obtaining an outstanding outfit doesn’t require more money. In the modern world, there are more outfits rather than formal pant and shirts that can make you feel more comfortable and smart. The good news is all the latest office wardrobe outfits that will be discussed here will be in your budget.

Men’s Office Wear Shirts

This is the essential item you need to put in your wardrobe. The shirt represents your selection and your creative mind. The colours you choose gives the impression of your personality. There are many shirts that can go with your office wardrobe. The top popular shirts are as follows

  • Smart Casual: The smart casual shirts are also called semi-formal shirts that will go perfect. Smart casual shirts have pattern or lines that give an attractive look.
  • Short-Sleeve Shirts: This is essential to beat the hot summers. Short-sleeve shirt comes up with a plain design and simple collars.
  • Dress Shirts: There are many varieties of dress shirts. You can select shirts according to your style. These shirts are the most common one and should be in your wardrobe.

Blazers & Coats

The other most necessary outfit for the office and formal events. Blazers can be worn in formal office meetings while coat can also go perfect for formal events. There are different types of blazers and coats. The top blazers that you must obtain for your office wardrobe are as follows

  • Slim-fit Blazer: Slim fit blazers can glow your personality. The slim-fit unstructured woven blazer comes in different colours. Always select the colour in contrast to your shirt and pant.
  • Modern Blazer: Modern wool blazers are also easy to fit that can go with any type of waist. They are a bit lose and you can feel comfortable in them.

Office Wear Pants

Without pants your office wardrobe is incomplete. You need to wear pants that can boost your personality and are a good fit for office wear. The top pants you can add in your wardrobe are

  • Pleated Pants: The most popular pant that cannot lose its popularity due to the flexibility, roominess and comfort. You must have this pant to go for a formal meeting or a casual event.
  • Chinos: These pants can be worn in semi-formal, formal and casual events. The perfect choice for every meeting. Usually, they are made up of cotton and synthetic fibre adding a killer look in your personality.

Socks & Shoes

There is a saying that a man is known by his shoes. According to the research, a person’s footwear is the first thing that gets the attraction.  You need to be more careful while selecting your footwear. mens cotton argyle socks can be the ideal option with every footwear. The top footwear to add in your office wardrobe are

  • Formal pumps
  • Dress boots
  • Sleek shoes
  • Monk Straps
  • Loafers

Accessories and Ascents

To give a fully professional look you need to add some essential accessories in your office wardrobe. The top essential accessories are

  • Formal Tie (in 4 to 5 colours)
  • Leather Belt (White, Black & Brown)
  • Stainless steel watch with changeable leather strips (change your leather strip according to the belt you wear)
  • A pocket handkerchief.
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