Jun 17, 2019
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Underground Fire Service Tanks-Australian Tanks

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Australian Tanks’ Underground Fire Services Tanks are holding tanks providing fire protection water for a sprinkler system that demands more water than the domestic water line serving the building can supply.

As Local Authorities increasingly require a dedicated source of water for fire services, and space constraints in new developments restrict where tanks can be built, solutions like our modular Fire Tank package become not only practical, but also very cost effective.  What is important in understanding and analysing the true costs of a Fire Tank solution is recognising the true cost over the lifetime of your solution.

When undertaking a cost comparison, the upfront costs for an above ground solution may seem cost effective. However, consider the cost of that above ground space, and how else it can be used. It is when you value the space the tank sits on and you work out the maintenance and internal liner replacement costs over 10 or 15 years that you may see the real value benefits in an underground solution.

Our Underground Fire Tank Solutions offer the innovation of the Australian Tanks’ Anti-Floatation base and the durability and strength of the Extra Heavy Duty traffic design load rating (SM1600 – rated up to unrestricted vehicle access).

If space is valuable then ask about the Australian Tanks solution:

• Heavy duty for locations where heavy vehicle traffic is a factor;
• Underground, under driveways, loading docks or parking areas;
• Underground and out of sight.

Underground tank solutions also have minimal visual impact and are not subject to vandalism or graffiti. With our ultra-quick modular approach (with all fittings in place on delivery), you benefit from a fast, efficient, low cost and easy install solution.

The layout is extremely flexible and various tank volumes can be isolated to meet maintenance requirements.

Australian Tanks handles all contracts with the same care, courtesy and commitment to successful outcomes whether the job is right next door or on the other side of the country. This approach has allowed us to effectively distribute our products widely throughout Australia.

We search for the most cost effective transport solutions and approach delivery with an attitude of “no area too hard or timing too tight for us to work towards”. Our business model is focussed on providing clever, innovative, easy and safe to install solutions.

Australian Tanks is dedicated to producing quality, engineered solutions, working with plumbing, civil and construction contractors to provide custom designed solutions. We work closely with Civil, Hydraulic and Consulting Engineers to find the best solutions to their challenges and are regularly specified in engineering designs and plans. Many of our solutions are signed off by engineers as being more efficient and cost effective alternatives to more traditional specified products.

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