Sep 17, 2019
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What type of dialer software you should use for your business?

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Out of 99 calls, when only 20 calls reach your potential buyer, the figures seem much depressing especially when the business depends on approaching the right people and converting them into customers. What’s the scenario here? Sales agents dialing calls manually to complete their targets and deadlines. But failing. When call center agents do more dialing that talking, then their efficiency is lowered and productivity gets compromised.

That’s the reason, using dialer software for your outbound call center can simply automate the dialing process and then pass the connected calls to relevant agents. According to research, the dialer can increase talk time by 300%. This doesn’t only help you in the automation, but also doubles efficiency and productivity.

Types of automatic dialers for all types of businesses:

Now you have a clear idea about using the automatic dialer, let’s learn some types that help make calls and connect with live users.

Auto dialer:

Autodialer helps dial thousands of calls in a minute. The software connects with live users only, and bypass busy, disconnected and unanswered calls. Among the sales acceleration tools in the call center industry, the auto dialer is the best software that generates multiple leads in a short period of time.

Predictive dialer:

Predictive works similar to auto dialer, but only dial calls when the agent is available to communicate with the user. It can also detect the answering machine, disconnected calls, and call waiting, which simply reduces agents’ time and they can move onto the next call immediately.

Preview dialer:

Preview dialer is one of the favorite sales acceleration tools of agents as they can clearly see the customer information before connecting calls. Preview dialer can simply display screen pop up that all the details of users fetched from the database, contains customers’ information fetched from the existing database, which prepares an agent to make the call and talk to the customer. Agents also have the option to choose or skip contact from the database.

Power dialer:

With power dialer, an agent can be active during their calling session. This kind of dialer can enable the agent to answer their call when the user has received call to initiate the conversation. Since sales agents would be communicating throughout the session, so there would be no need for transferring calls to other agents.

How to choose the right dialer for your call center?

As you know that dialer software can simply save a lot of time, money and energy, so it brings more efficiency and productivity to your work. That’s why it’s important to understand which dialer is better to use for your business. Weigh the choices to provide outstanding-in-class services by considering these significant elements.

  • What is your agent count?
  • What is the customer base look like?
  • How would they score the leads and conversions?

As you know that business needs usually vary according to the requirements, so it’s important to ask the service providers about flexibility, scalability, and other integration capabilities especially if you want to expand the business without any interruption.

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