Sep 18, 2019
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Why Criminal Record Check is important when hiring New Employees

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Criminal verification is an integral part of the background verification process. Being a sensitive issue, a criminal check can have damaging or serious implications on both the company and employee, so it must be handled systematically. Fallowing certain guidelines when conducting a background check can help the process move smoothly without any issues and make it a successful one.

Significance of criminal checks

As an employer, it is your responsibility to conduct criminal checks on your employees. Because it can be disastrous to your company if it came to light that your employee has fraud or criminal charges in his/her name. Even if the employee is not involved in criminal activities while working for you, having a fraudster at the wheel will eventually betray the customer’s trust.

Conducting an Employee Background Verification Companies In Chennai  is the best way to prevent embarrassing and costly hiring mistakes. When it comes to criminal verification every company should have its own guidelines. For instance, candidates with rape charges, drunken driving and theft charges will not sit well for a cab business, so it is necessary to have strong guidelines against these issues if you are a cab aggregator.

Careful screening of employees based on the parameters predetermined by the company is very important. Not only this, the information’s or data acquired during the criminal check should be kept secret under the company rules. Wondering why criminal records should be kept safe? As an employer, you might want an employee whose criminal records shows the history of the drug but now clean deserves a second chance. Not only this by keeping the Top Background Verification Companies In Chennai confidential will allow them to be more productive and protect their reputation.

Few guidelines to follow when conducting a criminal check

  • Make sure to always have the consent of the candidate to conduct a criminal check.
  • Allow the candidates to explain or defend they regarding the output of the criminal check.
  • Be sure that no identity mix happens during the criminal check process.
  • Conduct a background verification to learn whether the candidate is the victim, witness or the accused in the case.

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