Dec 1, 2018
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Why should we learn Selenium?

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Software testing is important for any application to run smoothly and testing helps in finding defects and error .Testing can be done in two ways they are Manual testing and Automation testing . Manual testing is done manually without use of any testing tool and automation Testing is done with help of automation tools like QTP ,selenium .Interested in knowing more about Selenium Training in Bangalore and upgrade your skill set . Selenium Automate web applications and browsers . Selenium is open source and it has portable framework for testing .It was came in the market in 2004 since  then its functional testing tool is best in the industry used by every automation tester. There are testing tools in the market but they are licensed and other tools like IBM’s RFT ,HP’s QTP, Test Complete Ranorex. Selenium can be used on Linux, Macintosh ,Windows operating system .You must be wondering why should one learn selenium

  • No operating system or browser demands
  • Open source
  • Availability of framework
  • Integration with other tools
  • Parallel & distributed testing
  • Not dependent on GUI based system
  • Support many programming languages

Open source : It is open source and anyone can use it without any cost. Organization can use it for testing web application and web site . Learn new technology to raise graph of your career Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore. Students and professionals can learn and practice automation testing

Multiple programming language support : This is biggest reason why selenium is most demanded technology in the market . Learn something new and brighten up future join Selenium Course in Bangalore .It is easy for any programmer to learn selenium and start career in automation testing. Other automation tool in the market are language specific . If you have knowledge of anyone of the language like Python . Perl ,PHP, Java ,Ruby ,C#,.Net.

Framework Availability : Framework means templates in simple language ,you can do  some changes as in when required  instead doing complete change in code . Types of the frameworks are as follows

  • Data driven testing
  • Keyword driven testing
  • Module driven testing
  • Hybrid testing
  • Keyword driven testing

No Special Operating system /hardware demand : The selenium is such technology which does not need any specific operating system like Linux ,windows ,mac OS . Interested in learning Automation testing ,enroll now in Selenium Classes in Bangalore You can also test any application like website.

Advantages of learning selenium

  • First benefit of learning selenium is you can more work in less time
  • It is very growing fast and most demanding technology in the market and it increases your employability .
  • Selenium is very robust and more organizations are looking for selenium trained professionals and it is very good opportunity .


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